Use of heat away from the premises is not permitted, please call us on 0800 668 1552

Do you undertake any work away from your premises involving any equipment for the application of heat?

Please answer the above question to proceed.

In order to proceed with this insurance you must confirm the following are true (if applicable) for your business.

  • Your payments to bona fide sub-contractors do not exceed £50,000 per annum or 25% of turnover whichever is greater
  • You do not hire out Plant and/or Machinery to other persons or firms unless under HAE or CPA hiring conditions.
  • You do not use Welding or Flame Cutting equipment. Please note use of blow torches and brazing are not considered to be welding.
  • In respect of Builders and Property Maintenance Only, your work as separate contracts does not exceed 15% in respect of Painting and Decorating, Roofing, Groundworks or Plumbing and Heating. Your work as separate contracts does not exceed 5% in respect of Timber Treatment, Damp Proofing or Civil Engineering.
  • You do not undertake work involving the installation, service, maintenance or repair of gas appliances pipe work, equipment or flues unless such work is carried out by persons registered on the Gas Safe Register.
  • You do not undertake any work involving the use or handling of Asbestos or Silica or the discharge of toxic or dangerous substances into the atmosphere, sewers, waterways or elsewhere.

Tick to confirm the above statements are true

Please tick to confirm that the above statements are true. If you are unable to confirm, please contact us on 0800 668 1552

Sorry, we are unable to provide cover online. Please call our customer service team on 0800 668 1552

Have you or any director or partner involved with the business or any other business been declared bankrupt or insolvent?

In respect of the risks against which you now wish to insure: Has any previous insurer declined a proposal, refused to renew a policy or imposed special terms or conditions in the last 5 years?

Have you or any director or partner ever been convicted during the past 5 years of any offence relating to health and safety of your employees or members of the public in connection with your business?

Have you or any director or partner ever been convicted of or charged (but not yet tried) or been given an Official Police Caution in respect of any criminal offence other than a motoring offence?

Have you or any director or partner ever had a county court judgement served against you or entered into an individual voluntary agreement in the past 5 years?

Has any director been disqualified under the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 or any subsequent legislation?

If you are not able to confirm these statements, please contact us on 0800 668 1552 to provide further information.

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This policy meets the Demands and Needs of a small business owner who requires insurances as detailed in the insurance booklet.

Any insurance policy purchased through this website will be subject to the terms and conditions in the insurance booklet. To assess whether our policy meets your needs and requirements, you should read our terms of business and insurance booklet.

The endorsements that apply to your policy are {{EndorsementsApplicable}}. The detail on these can be read in the endorsement document.

If you wish to know which endorsements apply to your policy wording, please call our call centre on 0800 668 1552.

By clicking the button below, I confirm all details provided are correct and accept all terms of business and insurance booklet.

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