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Please be careful to enter the following details accurately, as they will be used to send your policy documentation and will also be required for accessing your account online.

If you start this form but choose not to complete your purchase today, we may contact you to see if we can answer any questions or help you take out a policy.

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How many years no claims discount do you have? If you have a no-claims discount via another business policy, please confirm the number of years here. Proof of no-claims discount may be required in the event of any claims.

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Have you made any claims or had any claims made against you in the last 5 years? Please tell us about any claims against your business insurance in the last 5 years.

If no, please select ‘None’. If yes, please confirm the number of claims.


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Please select a claim type

What was the nature of the claim? Select the claim type here. We only need to know about claims that were made in relation to your business.

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What was the amount of the claim? Please confirm how much the claim was for. For example, if you made a claim against your Public or Products Liability insurance for damage to someone’s property, you should enter the amount that the claim was settled for.

Please enter the date of the claim
The previous claim date cannot be in the future. Please adjust the date of your claim.
We only need to know about previous claims within the last 5 years. Please check the date you have entered and try again. If your claim was more than 5 years ago, please remove it.
Please provide the correct claim date in the format MM YYYY

Date of the claim

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Please tell us the resolution of this claim

Has the claim been settled? Your insurance company should inform you when a claim has been settled. If you are unsure whether the claim is still outstanding, please select ‘Unknown’ here.

Sorry, due to your claims history, we can't provide you with an online quote. We might still be able to help, please contact us on 0800 668 1552.

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