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Jewellery Care

Welcome to Ripe Insurance For Valuables’ guide to jewellery care! Here, you’ll get all the helpful and practical advice you need in order to look after your jewellery in the best possible way.

Advice for looking after your jewellery

Getting it valued

How to get good value for money for your jewellery when getting it valued

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Cleaning your rings

Which simple cleaning hacks can help keep your engagement ring looking like new

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Maintaining your watch

How to maintain your watch to keep it ticking along

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Why do I need Jewellery Insurance?

If you own jewellery that is very important to you, the last thing you want is to be wearing it while worrying about the threat of damage, loss*, or even theft.

That’s why we offer specialist jewellery insurance so you can wear your jewellery with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are fully covered should anything happen to them.

Do you have valuables you’d like to insure? Combine them under one policy and save 10%

*If the item you are wanting to insure was purchased/gifted more than 60 days ago, and you have not had it insured in the last 60 days, then loss cover will be excluded. Your policy will still provide cover for theft and accidental damage for all items you have chosen to insure with us.

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