The 10 best caravan TVs for your space

Have you ever wondered what makes a caravan TV different from a regular small TV? It’s all about finding the right mix of size, power, and quality that fits perfectly in your caravan.

Choosing the best caravan TV isn’t about spending money on the fanciest technology. It’s about what fits your lifestyle, whether you’re touring the country roads or setting up a cosy nook in your static caravan.

Let’s dive right in so you can watch all your favourite shows when you’re in your home away from home. 


Finding the right size TV for your caravan 

Why the fuss over inches and dimensions? Well, in a compact space, every little bit counts. 

The right screen size can mean the difference between a TV that enhances your space and one that dominates it.

Think, measure thrice, buy once—use your tape wisely and imagine where your screen will live. Will it be wall-mounted or standing? Make room for your new mate without cramping your style.


Essential features for your caravan TV

Screen type

Deciding whether you want LED, LCD, or Plasma isn’t too complicated when you know each of their benefits: 

  • LED is your go-to for energy efficiency and superb picture quality, even when the sun’s glaring down
  • LCD screens are good all-around. They have good colour and clarity
  • Plasma screens use a lot of power consumption. They’re better for setups where you can plug them into the wall without worrying


Connectivity options

HDMI ports, USB sockets, and‌ Wi-Fi connections aren’t just specs—they’re your gateways to endless entertainment. 

Hook up your digi-box, connect that gaming console, or stream the latest series. Who said you can’t have a high-tech hub on the road?

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Selecting low-power TVs for longer adventures

Power consumption is important when your house is moving. Typical caravan TVs run on 12v or 24v, which is ideal for the caravan’s battery life.

Opting for an energy-efficient 12v or 24v TV means more chill time and less generator hum. Power-saving modes and LED screens are your best pals on long treks.


Best caravan TVs on the market

Space-saving TVs that pack a punch

Choosing the right TV is important if you have a small space. It can help keep your living space open and tidy.


1. Avtex L219DRS-PRO, £399

Known for its slim profile and robust construction, this model is perfect for bumpy rides and small spaces. It features a built-in DVD player and satellite tuner, making it a versatile entertainment option.


2. Cello 22” Traveller, £189.99

This TV is not just compact—it’s designed for the mobile life with built-in features like a DVD player and Freeview HD. It’s an all-in-one solution ideal for those who value convenience.


3. Sniper 22” HD LED Travel TV, £170

This model is equipped with a built-in DVD, Freeview T2 HD, and satellite tuner, which is perfect for entertainment lovers on the move. It’s also designed to withstand the vibrations of travel.


Best for signal reception

These TVs are for those who find themselves in remote areas or in varied locations and require consistent reception.


4. Vision Plus 21.5” LED TV, £259

This model is perfect for caravans. Its special tuner can pick up signals even in remote areas, so you can watch your favourite shows no matter where you are.


5. Avtex Series 9 Pro range, from £369 

This caravan TV has the latest technology. It has Avtex’s best tuner for great reception. You can watch satellite TV, live TV, and record terrestrial while watching the digital satellite channel, or vice versa.


Top choices for touring caravans

Touring caravans require TVs that aren’t only space-efficient but also resistant to the movements and jolts of frequent travel.


6. Avtex L168DRS, £300 

This is a compact caravan TV with many features and an edge-to-edge screen. It has Freeview HD, a satellite receiver, and a DVD player. It is made to handle the bumps of the road and provide great entertainment.


7. Cello 20” Solar-Powered TV, £179.99

Unique in its class, this TV runs on solar power, perfect for touring caravans venturing off-grid. It includes Freeview T2 HD and a built-in satellite receiver.


Top picks for static caravans

Static caravans allow for larger models and more feature-rich options due to fewer space constraints and less need for vibration resistance.


8. Samsung 32” Smart HD TV, £229

This model offers a larger screen with smart TV capabilities, allowing access to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime via Wi-Fi. It’s perfect for those longer stays where you want a homeier feel. 

This 32-inch smart TV has a small design and smart features. It connects to streaming apps and Wi-Fi. It’s perfect for small spaces like static caravans where you want more technology.


9. Avtex W249TS Smart TV, £429

The W249TS-U Smart TV is ideal for static caravans, offering a large 24” screen in a compact 21” frame. It supports both 12/24V DC and 240V AC power, perfect for caravan setups. 

With internet connectivity, enjoy streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime and cast directly from iOS or Android devices. 

It also includes Freesat and Freeview Play, allowing you to watch HD content without extra equipment.

These models meet different needs. Some save space in small caravans, and others have many features for people with stationary setups. Every caravan owner can find a TV that works for them.

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Enhancing your TV with internet and streaming

Smart TVs

10. Bush 32-inch Smart Full HD HDR LED TV, £189.99

This smart caravan TV has built-in Wi-Fi, offering you Netflix, YouTube, and more at the touch of a button. Ensure your caravan park has decent internet, or consider a reliable mobile hotspot.


Using TV sticks and external devices

No smart TV? No problem. A simple Amazon Fire Stick or Google Chromecast can smarten up your setup in minutes, bringing a world of content to your compact screen.


Secure setup: installing your TV safely and soundly

Installing your TV in a caravan

Secure that telly properly! A stable mount not only saves your screen from taking a tumble but also keeps it out of the way.

Whether it’s a bracket mount or a freestanding frame, make sure it can handle the rigours of the road. 

Consider using vibration-resistant mounts specifically designed for mobile environments, which help absorb shocks and prevent damage.

Ensure you can easily reach your remote control and see the TV comfortably. You shouldn’t have to move your furniture around whenever you want to watch TV.


Optimising your viewing experience

Angle your TV to avoid glare

Positioning your TV to avoid glare is crucial, especially in a brightly lit caravan. 

Mount your TV where natural light from windows doesn’t directly hit the screen during times you’re likely to watch TV. Sometimes, rotating the TV mount slightly can significantly reduce glare.


Consider a sound bar to boost audio clarity

Caravans can be noisy, and built-in TV speakers often lack the power to provide clear audio. A compact sound bar can dramatically improve your audio experience without overwhelming your space. Look for models that can be easily connected via Bluetooth or a simple audio cable.


Quick settings tweaks

Dive into your TV’s settings menu to adjust picture and sound settings suited to your caravan’s environment. 

Increase the brightness slightly to counteract daytime brightness, and adjust the contrast to make the darks deeper and the whites sharper for an ideal movie-watching experience.

For sound, if your TV has an audio equaliser, set it to a mode that enhances speech. This can be particularly handy when watching dramas or any show where dialogue is key.

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Match your style: selecting a TV for touring or static caravans

Touring caravans

For the nomads, ultra-lightweight and robust is the way to go. Models like the Avtex Series have reinforced casings designed for the road’s vibrations. 

These TVs are particularly tailored for those who often move locations, ensuring that durability doesn’t compromise the quality of their viewing experience.


Static caravans

If space allows, why not go big? Larger models like the Samsung 32” Smart HD TV can turn your caravan into a home away from home, offering the comforts of a modern entertainment system. 

You can choose a full HD or smart TV with more space, making rainy days at home something to enjoy.


Securing your caravan TV against theft

Lockable mounts and subtle placement can help protect your tech. If you frequent less secure sites, consider integrating a small CCTV system or alarm for peace of mind.


Specialist caravan insurance through Ripe

Now that you’ve chosen the best caravan TV for your space, you may want to protect it alongside your other gear through specialist caravan insurance.

At Ripe, the cover protects tourers from theft, loss, or damage up to the value of £75,000 and static caravans up to the value of £175,000. You can also opt for additional cover to protect your contents and awnings.

Click here to learn more about how we can help or get an instant online quote today. 

Please note the information provided on this page should not be taken as advice and has been written as a matter of opinion. For more on insurance cover and policy wording, see our homepage.

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