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touring caravan insurance

First-class touring caravan insurance

There’s nothing quite like packing your bags and hitting the road for a relaxing break in your caravan. Getting away and exploring is what owning a caravan is all about. You want to be making new memories with your family in the great outdoors, not worrying about things that might go wrong. This is why we’ve made caravan insurance simple – giving you the cover you need at a great price with no fuss, so you can relax and enjoy your next adventure.

Why do I need touring caravan insurance?

Whilst the freedom and thrill of the open road is a major attraction for caravanners, travelling from place to place and leaving your holiday home parked and exposed to the elements can carry its risks. There are the obvious weather, theft, fire and accidental damage risks which could occur at any time and leave you with an expensive repair bill. But there are also potential risks of your caravan or caravan equipment causing injury to another person or property damage, which could lead to expensive claims against you.

What does touring caravan insurance cover?

What kind of touring caravans do you cover?

We cover a wide variety of touring caravans, including single axle caravans, twin axle caravans, fifth wheeler caravans, trailer tents and folding caravans. This includes a large range of makes and models, with some of the most popular types such as Eldiss, Adria, Fendt and Dethleffs. We cover caravans up to 15 years of age, up to a maximum of £75,000.

Are there any caravans you don’t cover?

We cover over 65 different makes of touring caravans, folding caravans, trailer tents and folding campers. Unfortunately, there are a small number of caravans manufacturers that we cannot cover. See the full list here. 

What does touring caravan insurance cover?

Our touring caravan insurance provides cover for the caravan itself up to £75,000 in value. You can also include cover for your contents (up to £10,000) and your awnings (up to £2,500). Public Liability insurance is also included up to £2 million. We also include FREE Accidental Death cover of £10,000 with every policy.

You then also have the option to personalise your policy by adding any additional cover you might need.

We offer a variety of options including Family and Friends Extension Cover, European Cover, Hotel and Caravan Hire, Legal Expenses (up to £25,000) and No Claims Protection. You can also choose to upgrade your Public Liability cover to £3 million or £5 million. Find out more about Our Cover.

How much is touring caravan insurance?

There are certain factors which will be used to calculate your touring caravan insurance premium. The value and age of the caravan are taken into account, as are specific details about your caravan security and where it is stored. The quickest way to check the cost is to get a quote. We’ll ask you a few questions about you and your caravan and give you a full breakdown of the costs for the cover you need. With Ripe, you can customise your policy by only adding exactly the cover you need, giving you a personalised policy at the best price.

Important documents

If you already have insurance with Ripe, you’ll find your important documents for your policy in your Members area.

You can view our key documents below or view all of our documents on the Important Documents page.

Touring Caravan Insurance Tips and Guides

What does touring caravan insurance cover?

There are many reasons touring caravan insurance is essential. We explore a few of them in this simple guide.

Read our guide here

How much are touring caravan site fees?

Here we cover what touring caravan site fees entail, how much they usually cost, and where to find more information about them.

Read our guide on site fees here
Touring caravan insurance FAQs
  • Can I insure my caravan for European use?
    • Yes, simply select ‘European Cover’ in the additional cover section during the quote. This provides cover for up to 60 days in any one trip, with a maximum of 120 days in total.

      Cover is included in the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy including the Vatican City, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

      If you have an existing policy with us and would like to add European Cover, please give us a call on 0344 274 0271.

    What age of touring caravan can you cover?
    • We can cover caravans up to a maximum of 15 years old.

    Can you cover my awning?
    • Yes, we can cover awnings up to £2,500 in value.

    Are my family and friends covered to use my caravan?
    • The standard cover is for the policyholder only. If you would like to extend your cover for your family and friends, you can include this by adding the ‘Family and friends Extension’. You can either add this when you get a quote, or call us on 0344 274 0271 and we can add this for you. Take a look at Our Cover to see all available options.


    What are the minimum safety and security requirements?
    • Read our safety and security requirements here.

    Am I covered if my caravan is damaged in a storm?
    • We will cover damage caused to your caravan by a storm, for example, windows can break or falling trees could cause serious damage. Please note, we do not cover any loss or damage to awnings as a result of a storm.

    Am I covered if my caravan is damaged as a result of a mechanical or electrical failure?
    • If your caravan was damaged as a result of a mechanical or electrical failure, we would not cover damage to the item which failed, but we would cover the resultant damage to your caravan. For example, if there was an electrical fault with the cooker we would not cover the damage to the cooker, but if it caused a fire which then damaged other parts of the caravan, this would be covered under your policy.

Any questions?

Want to find out a bit more about the cover we offer for? Take a look at Our Cover options or read the FAQs.

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