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Why should you consider insurance as a makeup artist?

Applying makeup may not seem dangerous, but as with all small businesses, accidents can still happen.

Specialist makeup artist insurance is designed to protect your business against claims from clients and provides financial protection if anything happens to your equipment or business premises.

Makeup artists who employ others are legally required to have Employers’ Liability cover to protect them against employee personal injury claims.

Why choose Ripe

Insurance you can get creative with

The beauty of our flexible cover means you choose what you need and won't pay for anything you don't.

Beautifully simple

We've made taking out cover online super quick and beautifully simple, with no lengthy forms or confusing jargon.

We wow our customers too!

Not only is our cover rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot, but 98% of our customers intend to renew their cover with us.

What does makeup artist insurance with Ripe cover?

Other beauty trades we insure


We also cover a list of treatments included as standard for each trade. You can view them here.


Why choose us?

You can get the specialist cover you need easily, leaving you to focus on your clients.

  • Insurance with individuality

Just like your services will be unique to each of your clients, you can tailor your insurance to suit the unique needs of your business.

  • We keep our customers happy

Over 320,000 happy Ripe customers already trust us for their insurance cover. Join them and enjoy the confidence it brings.

  • We’ve got good chat

Like you, we know how important it is to build a rapport with your clients, so our UK based customer service team is on-hand to talk.

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Makeup artist insurance FAQs
  • What insurance should I consider as a makeup artist?
    • Your cover depends on what you want to protect your business against, but the three main types of makeup artist insurance are:

      • Public Liability—this covers your legal liability to third parties for treatment risks, personal injury or property damage

      • Employers’ Liability—this is a legal requirement for businesses with employees and covers their legal liability to them for bodily injury

      • Equipment Cover— this can cover for theft or accidental damage to your business equipment, such as your brushes or even your laptop which you use to manage your accounts and website

      You may want to include Money Cover to provide financial protection if money belonging to your business is stolen from your premises or in transit. This can be useful for mobile makeup artists that deal in cash.

      Buildings Cover is an additional option if you want financial protection for a beauty salon you own or are responsible for if the building or contents are damaged.

    How much does makeup artist insurance cost?
    • Many factors can affect the cost of your makeup artist insurance, such as:

      • amount of experience

      • where your business is based

      • the type and level of cover you choose

      At Ripe, we like to keep insurance simple, and we don’t believe you should pay for cover you don’t need. You can save time and money by creating your own policy through an instant online quote.

    What is Public Liability insurance for makeup artists?
    • When you’re applying makeup, there is a risk of your client suffering an injury and holding you liable. Mobile makeup artists also run the risk of damaging their client’s property.

      For example, despite using high-quality products, a client may still suffer an allergic reaction, or you could spill foundation on their expensive new rug.

      Public Liability insurance protects your legal liability if a claim is made against you or your employees for injury or damage to third-party property.

      At Ripe, we provide up to £10m Public Liability insurance for makeup artists so you can run your business stress-free.

    Why should makeup artists consider equipment cover?
    • No makeup artist expects to cancel appointments and lose income due to their equipment being damaged or stolen. But unfortunately, running a business comes with these risks.

      If you weren’t insured and had to cover the repairs or replacement costs yourself, your business could run into financial difficulty.

      With Ripe, you can include specialist Equipment cover up to £10,000 to protect your gear against theft and accidental damage, so you can continue serving clients without much disruption.

    What is Employers’ Liability insurance for makeup artists?
    • It only takes one employee to become ill or injured whilst working for you for a claim to be made against your business.

      That’s why most UK businesses are legally required to have Employers’ Liability insurance. This covers your costs and legal expenses in the event of a claim.

      Here at Ripe, we offer £10m Employers’ Liability cover as standard so you can operate your business with peace of mind.

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