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What is park home insurance?

Park home insurance is a form of financial protection that covers park home owners against the various risks associated with park home ownership.

Owning and living in a park home has tons of benefits, such as lower running costs and an increased sense of security, but like anything—it’s not without risk.

For example, things like theft, fire, and damage are risks associated with owning a park home. However, park home insurance is specifically designed to protect against these.

Why choose Ripe?

Create your own policy

This specialist park home policy has been designed so that you can add the cover you require to your policy quickly and easily. This means you never pay for cover you don’t need.

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Building and contents cover

Cover your park home including fixtures and fittings up to the value of £500,000 and contents up to the value of £75,000.

What does our park home insurance cover?

Why should I consider park home insurance?

If you live in a park home, it’s important that you have insurance that reflects your different needs as a park home owner compared to a traditional homeowner.

For example, let’s say a bad storm hits and causes severe damage, or you find yourself in a legal dispute with your site owner. Without the right park home insurance, events like this could leave you substantially out of pocket.

Not only are you understandably protective of your park home, but you know better than anyone that repairs can be expensive should anything go wrong. So, while there’s no legal requirement to have park home insurance, you run the risk of suffering serious financial loss by not having it.

How much does park home insurance cost?

The cost of your park home insurance depends on several factors, such as the monetary value of your park home, where you live, and the level of cover you choose.

For a more accurate picture of what your cover could cost, get a personalised quote here.

Why do I need park home insurance?

If you live in a park home, you’ll want to ensure you and your home are protected—in the same way you’d want standard home insurance in place for a bricks-and-mortar home.

Living in a park home can be very different to living in a traditional home. It also carries different risks, so you need cover that reflects those differences. Without it, you could be left substantially out of pocket.

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Park home insurance FAQs
  • Is park home insurance compulsory?
    • No, park home insurance is not compulsory. However, you run the risk of suffering serious financial loss by not having a policy in place.

    How much should I insure my park home for?
    • How much you choose to insure your park home for is up to you and will depend on the full cost of rebuilding your home to the same specification, plus any additional contents cover you may choose to include on your policy.

      Through Ripe, you can cover your park home, including fixtures and fittings, up to the value of £500,000 and contents up to £75,000.

    What are the different types of park home insurance?
    • With Ripe, you can choose the level of park home insurance you need. The following cover can be included on park home insurance policies through Ripe:

      • Buildings cover
      • Theft, Fire and Flood Damage
      • Public Liability
      • Theft of Money
      • Theft and Loss of Keys
      • Frozen Food
      • Vermin Damage

      You can also choose to include optional extras, such as Contents cover up to £75,000 and Accidental Damage to your building.

    How long can I leave my park home unoccupied?
    • With Ripe, your park home would be considered unoccupied you have not stayed there for more than 30 consecutive days or it is insufficiently furnished for normal occupation.

      Your park home must be your permanent residence and must not be left unoccupied unless agreed in advance by us in writing.

    Why is park home insurance important?
    • Park home insurance is important because it is designed to protect you against the risks associated with park home living.

      Life in a park home can be very different to that in a traditional home. It also carries different risks, so your cover should reflect those differences.

      Though there is no legal requirement to have park home insurance, you are running the risk of suffering serious financial loss without it, should something go wrong.

    Does my cover include a policy excess?
    • Park home insurance through Ripe offers various policy excess options, which you can view when you get a quote. More information about excesses can be found in the Insurance Schedule.

    What are classed as contents or personal possessions?
    • Contents are classed as household goods or items intended for use in or about the home that are not permanently fitted.

      Personal possessions are classed as property such as sports equipment, valuable items, clothing, baggage, bikes, or other similar items normally used outside the home.

      Further guidance on item classification can be found in the Ripe Park Homes Insurance Booklet.

    Do I have to pay for my policy upfront?
    • No. With Ripe, you do not have to pay for your park home insurance policy upfront in one lump sum—although the option to do so is there should you prefer. Alternatively, monthly payment options are available at checkout.

    Can you get a mortgage on a park home?
    • No, you can not get a mortgage on a park home. Instead, you must fund the purchase through alternative means.

      The most common ways park home owners do this include taking out a park home-specific loan, using a part-exchange finance scheme, or simply buying outright in cash.

      You can read about park homes and mortgages in more detail on our blog.

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