Caravan insurance

caravan insurance

Why do I need caravan insurance?

Regardless of whether you own a holiday home, static caravan, or touring caravan, it’s important that you have the right insurance to ensure it is properly protected.

Static caravan insurance

There are many reasons why you need insurance as a static caravan owner. For example, static caravans are vulnerable to damage caused by bad weather. Having the right kind of insurance to protect your static caravan from flooding, frost, lightning and falling trees is imperative. Given that many static caravans are left empty for long periods of the year, there is also a risk of damage caused by vandalism and break-ins. Some caravan parks also insist that you have a particular level of insurance cover as a pre-requisite before you are allowed to have a plot there. Find out more.

Touring caravan insurance

While enjoying the freedom of the open road is appealing to most caravanners, travelling and leaving a holiday home unattended can carry certain risks. Threats such as fire, theft, weather, and accidental damage can occur at any time and leave you with an expensive bill. Not only that, but there is also the potential risk of your caravan or caravan equipment causing property damage or personal injury, which could lead to a substantial claim against you. Find out more.

Holiday home insurance

Holiday home owners will know better than anyone about all the potential risks and hazards they face. Extreme weather is one of the biggest risks and having the right insurance is important to ensure you are protected against it. There are also risks to other people and their property that you should be aware of. For example, if there was a fire in your chalet which spread to other properties nearby, you might be found to be liable for any damage caused. The holiday park where your chalet is kept may also request that you have a certain level of Public Liability insurance cover to stay on their property. This is why having holiday home insurance is so important. If you’re fully protected, you will be able to deal with the financial strain and get your holiday home repaired if the worst did happen. Find out more.

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