Caravan insurance

Protecting your caravan or holiday home.

Whether you own a static caravan, touring caravan or holiday home, it’s essential to have the right insurance in place to ensure it's properly protected. Here we discuss the different types of caravan insurance available and why you need specialist cover.

Static caravan insurance

The right insurance is an essential part of being a static caravan owner and there are several key reasons why you need the best insurance in place. Static caravans are particularly vulnerable to the elements and damage caused by bad weather is a major risk. Having the right insurance will protect your static caravan against the cost of repairing damage caused by storms, flooding, lightning, frost and falling trees. As most holiday homes are left unattended at times during the year, there is also the risk of theft and damage caused by break-ins or vandalism. Aside from the threat of damage, insurance might also be a pre-requisite of your chosen holiday park. Some parks insist that you have a certain level of insurance cover and may ask for proof of insurance as a condition of you having a plot there. Find out more.

Touring caravan insurance

Whilst the freedom and thrill of the open road is a major attraction for caravanners, travelling from place to place and leaving your holiday home parked and exposed to the elements can carry its risks. There are the obvious weather, theft, fire and accidental damage risks which could occur at any time and leave you with an expensive repair bill. But there are also potential risks of your caravan or caravan equipment causing injury to another person or property damage, which could lead to expensive claims against you. Find out more.

Holiday home insurance

You’ll know better than most that there are risks and potential hazards when you own a holiday lodge. Weather can play a big part, and damage caused by extreme weather is one of the main things you’ll want to protect your property against. Damage caused by vandalism, theft or break-ins can also cause worry and expense. If you live far away and can’t be immediately on-hand to keep your property secure, this will be even more of a concern. Getting any repairs fixed without delay to prevent any further damage is a real benefit of having insurance. Damage that isn't repaired could result in cancelled holidays and lost bookings, causing even more financial strain. As well as protecting you financially, most holiday parks will make insurance a condition of your agreement with them, and you might have to provide proof of insurance each year to remain on site. Find out more.

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