Protecting our tomorrow

How we’re making a difference

Protecting people’s passions every day and providing a fully transparent service to our customers to give them the confidence they need is our priority. So, it’s essential that we also help to lead the way in the insurance industry by protecting the future of our communities and our planet for the benefit of our customers, colleagues and communities. Here’s just some of the things we’re doing.

Our Net Zero pledge:

At Ripe, we don’t mess around – when we do something, we do it with ambition and dedication. We measured our carbon footprint and calculated that we produced 271.97 tCO2e*, which worked out at 2.47 tCO2e per employee.

Now we know our impact, we can implement our net zero strategy and carbon reduction plan. We know that measuring is just the start and that we need to reduce our emissions in line with global targets to truly contribute to slowing the impact of climate change.

As part of our strategy, we have offset unavoidable emissions which makes us a Carbon Neutral business! We’ll continue to reduce our carbon footprint and that’s why our pledge is to achieve Net Zero by 2050. For starters, we’re aiming to reduce our carbon output by 42% by 2030 (on a per person basis).

Offsetting projects

To offset our unavoidable carbon, we’ve invested in a number of initiatives including a Renewable Power Project in India and improving cooking solutions for disadvantaged households in Nepal and Somalia.

Our approach to sustainability

We’ve identified the main areas we should focus on for our approach to sustainability and they all fit under three main headings which are; Environmental, Social and Governance. Our dedicated team are busy working to deliver our strategy. Here’s some of the good stuff we’re doing:


Waste management

None of our office waste goes to landfill and any non-recyclable material is sent to an Energy From Waste plant to create electricity.

Going digital

Continue to switch all of our customer documentation to email rather than post as standard and reduce paper by 70% by the end of 2024.

Supply chain

We aim to improve our sustainable practices throughout our supply chain and encourage our partners and suppliers to do the same.

Social & Community

Helping our communities

Support communities through volunteering, challenges and donation activities. So far, we’ve supported local charities to help tackle poverty and homelessness.

Supporting colleagues

We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our colleagues, with clear policies and a benefits support programme.

Internal culture

We promote a culture for employees to help us achieve our ESG goals by offering 2 volunteering days a year and initiatives such as a cycle-to-work scheme.


Ethics & compliance

To uphold best practice standards of corporate governance and ethics, transparency, accountability and integrity in our business practices at all times.

Customer focus

We will regularly review our customer journey to ensure Consumer Duty and good customer outcomes are our priority.


We will regularly review our ESG policy to align with evolving industry standards, best practices and stakeholder expectations.

Working at Ripe

Making sure that our employees are supported in and out of the workplace is really important to us. From being there to help if there’s a bump in the road, or if we just want to celebrate the good stuff well, we’re continually adapting our policies to help support our team and create a positive culture. Here’s just a few examples of why it’s good to work with us:

We give extra holidays and have a sabbatical opportunity to reward loyalty at Ripe.

We give our employees two volunteering days a year so they can support charitable causes.

We’re committed to supporting employees affected by the menopause.

We have an IVF and Assisted Conception Policy to support our colleagues and families

We’re an accredited Living Wage Employer

Supporting our communities

Tackling homelessness and poverty

We’ve been volunteering with The Mustard Tree in Manchester to support people and families in need.

Improving the lives of families and children

We support Wood Street Mission with their Christmas Toy Appeal and Books Forever projects to help children living in poverty.

Fundraising for Cancer Research

A team of our very own “Ripe Riders” took to their saddles and hit the road on the Cycle of Hope to raise funds for North West Cancer Research.

The little things make a big difference!

Our ESG strategy runs through all of Ripe and we know that all changes, no matter how small, help the planet. Here’s just a few of the changes we’ve made:

We drink 4,640 cups of tea and 6,720 cups of coffee a year so we made the switch to fairtrade!

We’re saving approx. 27,000 pieces of paper a month** by sending insurance documents by email

We switched to a local supplier for our milk in reusable bottles rather than plastic

We encourage all staff to carpool, use public transportation, cycle or walk when commuting.

*This includes all categories considered for measurement. Scope 1: Direct Fuel Combustion from Boilers and Fugitive Emissions from Refrigerants. Direct Fuel Combustion from Company Vehicles. Scope 2: Purchased Electricity and Heat. Scope 3: Transmission and Distribution losses. Water and wastewater. Business Travel. Employee Commute. Purchased Goods including IT Equipment, stationery, and other office sundries. Paper and printing use. Postage and distribution. Waste generation and handling. Internal and External Food and Drink. Company events. Cloud computing impact. Produced Goods.

**27,000 measurement is based on June 2023

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