The 5 best caravan sat navs on the market

Are you stuck in traffic with your caravan in tow? Do you wish you could clear the way? Your car’s satellite navigation might not have chosen the best route for towing a caravan.

Finding the best caravan sat nav systems can enhance your touring adventures in the UK and Europe. These useful devices do more than guide you from Point A to Point B—they make your journey smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.

Imagine dodging traffic jams, avoiding narrow roads, finding the perfect spots for your caravan, and never having to second-guess a tight turn again.

Sounds like a dream, right? Let’s enhance your travel experience by finding the best caravan sat nav system. 


Navigating the open road: finding the best caravan sat nav for this year

When embarking on your next caravan adventure, having the right satellite navigation is crucial for a seamless journey.

The best caravan sat navs come packed with features designed to make your travels fun and hassle-free.

These devices are more than just navigation tools—they are trusted road companions. They help you plan custom routes based on your caravan’s size and weight and give you live traffic updates and real-time information.

Let’s explore the key features:

  • Custom route—a sat nav for your caravan with custom routing that considers the size and shape of your caravan. It plans a perfect journey for you, avoiding unsuitable roads.
  • Screen size—large, easy-to-read displays on sat navs make it simple to see your route and any points of interest. This can make your travel experience much better.
  • Hands-free navigation—voice commands allow for safe, hands-free operation, making navigation effortless and keeping your focus on the road.
  • Size and weight considerations—sat navs consider the dimensions of your caravan to provide safe and appropriate routes. They help you avoid narrow paths and low bridges.
  • Avoiding congested areas—real-time traffic features reroute you away from congestion, preserving the joy and smoothness of your journey.
  • Live traffic and real-time updates: Offers live traffic information and updates, keeping you informed and one step ahead of delays or road conditions.

 Let’s explore our top picks for caravan sat navs.


The best caravan sat navs revealed and reviewed


1. Garmin Camper 895: the all-rounder

best caravan satnavs

Overview: The Garmin Camper 895 isn’t just another sat nav—it’s your trusted companion on every journey. It’s designed for caravan enthusiasts and has robust features that make every trip memorable and hassle-free.

Key features: The Garmin Camper 895 features a large, easy-to-read display for clear visibility. It has custom routing and considers your caravan’s size and weight. Live traffic updates and weather forecasts help you stay informed.

Why it beats the traffic: With dynamic rerouting the Garmin Camper 895 excels at dynamic rerouting. It predicts traffic and gives routes to avoid jams and roadworks, making trips smoother.

User-friendly score: This device is all about simplicity from setup to daily use. Its intuitive interface and straightforward navigation mean you spend less time fiddling with settings and more time enjoying the journey.

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2. TomTom Go Camper Max: the route wizard

best caravan satnav

Overview: Enter the world of TomTom Go Camper Max, where every route is an adventure waiting to happen. This device isn’t just smart—it’s designed with the spirit of camping and caravanning.

Key features: For outdoor enthusiasts, the Go Camper Max is more than a GPS device. Voice control enables hands-free operation, while lifetime map updates and TomTom Traffic help you stay on course.

Why it beats the traffic: The Go Camper Max gives precise, up-to-date traffic information. It doesn’t just find routes; it creates efficient, caravan-friendly journeys.

User-friendly score: The beauty of the Go Camper Max lies in its intuitive interface and easy-to-navigate menus. It’s easy for anyone to use, even if they’re not very good with technology.


3. Avtex Tourer Three: the feature-packed navigator

satnavs for caravans

Overview: The Avtex Tourer Three stands out as a dedicated navigator for caravans and motorhomes, designed to enhance every aspect of your travel.

Key features: The device is well-designed and alerts you to road gradients, sharp curves, and more. This makes your journey smoother and safer. Avtex connected services provide information and convenience.

Why it beats the traffic: The Tourer Three is ideal for caravanning. It guides you away from unsuitable roads, making every route as enjoyable as your destination.

User-friendly score: Updating maps and software is easy, making the Tourer Three a low-maintenance companion that’s always ready to hit the road.

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4. Snooper Ventura Pro S6900: the safety expert

best satnavs for caravans

Overview: Safety takes the front seat with the Snooper Ventura Pro S6900, a device that’s as vigilant about your journey’s safety as you are.

Key features: This model provides lane guidance and junction views for simple navigation. Get notified about speed limits and speed cameras. Find safe stops nearby with a big list of caravan sites and parks.

Why it beats the traffic: The Ventura Pro S6900’s focus on safety sets it apart. This app helps make your journey stress-free, keeps you informed of hazards, and helps you stay on track.

User-friendly score: Setting up alerts and preferences is intuitive, making customising the device to suit your travel style and safety needs easy.


5. Aguri RV520: the tech-savvy choice

best caravan sat navs image

Overview: The Aguri RV520 is where cutting-edge technology meets the open road, offering features that not only navigate but enhance your travel experience.

Key features: Built-in dash cam for peace of mind. Free lifetime map updates. Live traffic info to stay informed. Wi-Fi connectivity for effortless updates.

Why it beats the traffic: The RV520 goes beyond navigation. It offers tech features like the dash cam that safeguard your travels and enrich them, capturing every moment of your adventure.

User-friendly score: The simple setup and user interface make it easy for anyone to use, even without technical expertise. It’s a perfect travel companion for tech-savvy individuals.


Your journey awaits: choose your perfect caravan sat nav 

Embarking on a caravan adventure with the right sat nav is like unlocking a door to endless possibilities.

With the best caravan sat nav devices, you’re not just finding directions—you’re crafting unforgettable memories.

So, why wait? Grab the wheel, select your ideal sat nav, and let the horizon be your guide.


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