Plasterers Insurance

What is plasterers insurance?

As a plasterer you can take on a variety of jobs, both big and small – from installing a mesh subfloor to helping reconstruct a property. Carrying out these jobs not only requires a lot of skill and expertise, it presents a number of potential dangers. Injury, damage and loss of tools are just some of the risks associated with being a plasterer. Without the right cover in place, your business could go through a bit of a rough patch if you were liable for damages, repairs or replacements. Our cover includes Public and Products Liability, Employers’ Liability and Contract Works insurance.

Why do plasterers need Public and Products Liability insurance?

Accidents such as injury and property damage, although unfortunate, come with running a business – especially if you’re working in client’s houses.

You could be plastering a wall and inadvertently damage a valuable item, or a customer could trip over your equipment and hurt themselves.

If accidents such as these were to happen, you could be deemed liable and a costly compensation claim made against you.

This is why you need Public Liability insurance. Public Liability insurance protects your legal liability if a claim is made against you or one of your employees for injury or property damage.

Our Public Liability insurance for plasterers can be obtained in just a few clicks and we offer £1m, £2m or £5m in terms of levels of cover for you to choose from, based on the size and nature of your business.

Why do plasterers need Employers' Liability insurance?

If you employ other plasterers to work for you, it is a legal requirement to have Employers’ Liability insurance.

If a plasterer working for you is carrying out a job and injures themselves, they might hold you responsible and claim against you for their injuries.

Ripe Insurance for Small Business offers £10 million Employers' Liability as standard.

Why do plasterers need Contract Works insurance?

If work you've carried out is destroyed because of fire, floods, storms, vandalism, theft or damage to materials, you need Contract Works insurance. This covers the cost to re-do any temporary or permanent work carried out as part of a contract.

Ripe Insurance for Small Business offers up to £500,000 Contract Works insurance, which covers the cost of tools, materials and labour to put right any damage caused.

Why choose our plasterer insurance?

At Ripe, we don't believe in long forms, jargon or expensive premiums, we believe in giving you the right cover at the best possible price. We also include £10,000 Accidental Death cover free of charge with every plasterer insurance policy.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee means we won't be beaten on cost, so get an instant online quote today and make sure you're protected.

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