Personal Trainer Insurance

Why do I need specialist personal trainer insurance?

Although the safety and wellbeing of your clients is your number one priority, accidents can still happen. If they do happen, you could be held accountable, and your client could claim against you.

As your expertise is relied upon to educate and train others, you have a duty of care to your clients. Therefore, having specialist personal trainer insurance in place is vital. This insurance will also cover you if you suffer a serious injury, or if your equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Whatever your requirements, with our personal trainer insurance you’re free to focus on what matters – helping your clients achieve their goals.

What cover do we offer?

  • Up to £10m Public Liability
  • FREE Professional Indemnity up to £1mStolen, lost, or damaged equipment
  • Up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover
  • Loss of Earnings
  • Up to £10m Employers’ Liability
  • Worldwide cover up to 180 days

What does personal trainer insurance cover?

Public Liability cover against injury or property damage:

We have no doubt that as an expert in your field, you will be exact with your instructions, and you will put precautions in place to minimise risks – but despite this, things can still go wrong. That’s why Public Liability is the most important insurance for many personal trainers. Plus, most gyms and sports centres require proof of insurance before allowing you to work on their premises.

Whatever your style of personal training and wherever you choose to teach, someone could injure themselves or damage property during one of your sessions. For example, a client could injure themselves performing an exercise in your session and hold you responsible, or you or a client could damage gym equipment during a session. These events could subsequently lead to an expensive claim being made against you, in which case you would need Public Liability.

Insure4Sport’s Public Liability protects your legal accountability if a claim is made against you for the above reasons. Our Public Liability cover starts at £1 million.

  • You also get £1 million of FREE Professional Indemnity cover when you take out Insure4Sport’s Public Liability, protecting you against claims that occur from instructions you’ve given.

FREE Professional Indemnity cover against personal training advice you’ve given:

Part of being a successful personal trainer is providing your clients with professional advice. However, even the most experienced personal trainers can, at times, provide incorrect advice, leading to potential accidents.

If a client suffered a bad sprain or even a broken bone as a result of an exercise you’ve instructed and claimed it was due to your advice, you could be held responsible. That’s where Professional Indemnity comes in.

  • Our Professional Indemnity cover of up to £1 million protects you against claims that arise from personal training advice you’ve given. You receive it free of charge when you include Public Liability on your policy.

Cover for equipment repairs or replacements:

We understand that many personal trainers rely on different equipment to ensure they give their clients the very best service. Despite taking the utmost care and attention with it, transporting it to and from the gym or client’s homes, combined with new and inexperienced clients using it for the first time, can lead to accidents.

Whether it’s your BIA Scale, kettlebells or sound system, if your equipment is lost, damaged or stolen, you could be left unable to train your clients.

Our Equipment cover, with a maximum of £2,500 per single item, ensures your sports equipment can be repaired or replaced with as little disruption as possible, meaning you’ll be back training your clients  in no time.

  • Personal trainers can cover their equipment against theft, loss and damage.
  • If an item is under one year old and was bought new, we’ll replace it new-for-old.

Personal Accident and Loss of Earnings cover:

Accidents can happen to even the most experienced personal trainers. Whether it’s minor injuries which require physio, or more severe injuries such as broken bones which require hospital treatment, it makes sense to protect yourself if an injury leaves you unable to work.

Our Personal Accident cover makes sure the financial impact of accidents is kept to a minimum by compensating you for serious injuries.

  • We provide up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover for death, loss of limbs and permanent disablement.
  • You can also add optional Loss of Earnings cover up to £750 per week, meaning you’ll be financially supported if you’re unable to work due to a training injury.

Employers’ Liability if you employ staff:

If you employ staff as part of your personal training business, you’re legally required to take out Employers’ Liability insurance. If any of your employees were to suffer an injury whilst at work and hold you responsible, you could be receiving a large compensation claim.

Employers’ Liability enables you to meet the costs of a claim due to employee’s injuries, whether they occur on or off-site.

Worldwide cover if you choose to work abroad:

We understand you might want to run personal training sessions abroad. Wherever you fancy going, it’s important you take us with you (please!).

We provide up to 180 days of cover - so you can stop worrying about insurance and start planning where in the world your personal training business can take you.

Why choose our personal trainer insurance?

Our personal trainer insurance is provided by Insure4Sport, part of Ripe Insurance. As part of the Ripe Guarantee, we promise to provide you with great cover and exceptional service at the best price. We let you tailor your policy, so you’ll never pay for more cover than you need.

Get an instant online quote and see what we can do for you.

Other details you might want to know:

  • Will I be covered if I train clients online?

Your Public Liability insurance will only cover you during a face-to-face session or an online video session such as Skype.

If, following these sessions, you provided training schedules for them to follow before your next session and an injury resulted from this advice, this would also be covered under your £1m Professional Indemnity.

We will not provide cover if all your training sessions are done completely online where you never interact or see your clients i.e. not through a skype video.

  • What sports and classes are covered?

The most popular sports, activities and classes in the UK are covered – everything from aerobics, boxercise, spinning and Zumba, to some that you may not be as familiar such as buggy fit, friskis and svettis. View the full list here.

  • What sports and classes are not covered?

Unfortunately, there are certain sports and activities we can’t insure. Please check our sports we don't cover page. If you can’t find the sport or class on the list, email us at or call us on 0800 158 5530.

  • Can I be covered for more than one activity?

Yes – we provide free multi-sports cover, so you can be covered for over 270 sports and activities on one single policy. All we ask is that you are qualified to teach or instruct all the sports or activities you are doing.

  • I am a newly qualified personal trainer or fitness instructor; will this affect my insurance premium?

Not at all - as long as you hold a qualification recognised by the UK National Governing Body for the Sport.

  • Are there restrictions on where I train?

No – but if you’re running sessions in public spaces you may need to request permission from the relevant authorities.

The most important thing is that you have the appropriate qualifications. Beyond that, you are covered to take your personal training sessions in the gym, a local park or at client’s homes.

We also strongly recommend you conduct risk assessments ahead of teaching a class or session. It Plus you must have the appropriate qualifications, however beyond that you are covered to take your training sessions in the gym, a local park or at client’s homes.

  • Am I covered to offer nutritional advice?

Yes - as long as the nutritional advice you are giving is part of your personal trainer qualification.

  • Am I covered for instructing children?

Yes - as long as you have the relevant personal trainer qualification, we can insure you.

  • Am I covered for instructing people with disabilities?

Yes – as long as you are qualified to do so and have a doctor’s note permitting you to instruct said person.

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