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What is hair salon insurance?

Hair salon insurance is a form of financial protection that covers your hair salon business against the unexpected. You can customise your policy to include different levels of protection, such as cover for theft or damage to your equipment, or your liability to employees and customers.

Why choose Ripe

Insurance you can get creative with

The beauty of our flexible cover means you choose what you need and won't pay for anything you don't.

Beautifully simple

We've made taking out cover online super quick and beautifully simple, with no lengthy forms or confusing jargon.

We wow our customers too!

Not only is our cover rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot, but 98% of our customers intend to renew their cover with us.

What does hair salon insurance with Ripe cover?

Other beauty trades we insure


We also cover a list of treatments included as standard for each trade. You can view them here.


Why choose us?

You can get the specialist cover you need easily, leaving you to focus on your clients.

  • Insurance with individuality

Just like your services will be unique to each of your clients, you can tailor your insurance to suit the unique needs of your business.

  • We keep our customers happy

Over 320,000 happy Ripe customers already trust us for their insurance cover. Join them and enjoy the confidence it brings.

  • We’ve got good chat

Like you, we know how important it is to build a rapport with your clients, so our UK based customer service team is on-hand to talk.

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Hair salon insurance FAQs
  • How much does hair salon insurance cost?
    • The cost of hair salon insurance varies depending on a few things, including:

      • the number of staff you have

      • the location of your business

      • the type and level of cover you choose

      At Ripe, we strive to make insurance simple and believe you should only ever pay for the cover you actually need. You could save money and time with us by providing some quick details about your business when you get a quote.

    What is hair salon liability insurance?
    • Public and product liability cover is designed to protect you from any third-party claims for injury or property damage arising from the running of your salon.

      Let’s say you spill some hair dye on your client’s expensive belongings, and they make a claim against you, public liability cover would protect you financially.

      Or, let’s say you sell your client some hair product which later gives them an allergic reaction, that’s where product liability cover would help.

      With Ripe, up to £1.25m of salon liability cover is included as standard, but you can increase this up to £10m should you wish.

    Do I need insurance to teach others in a college or teaching facility?
    • While it’s not compulsory, you may want to consider teaching cover to protect yourself against potential negligence claims.

      For example, let’s say one of your students fails to qualify and subsequently sues you for retraining costs. Teaching cover could provide financial protection so that the damage and disruption to your business and reputation are kept to a minimum.

    Do I need insurance if I employ staff in my hair salon?
    • Yes. In most cases, it is a legal requirement to have valid Employers’ Liability insurance. This can be included as an extra when customising your policy with Ripe.

    Why should I consider hair salon insurance?
    • Despite the undoubtable thrills and excitement, becoming responsible for an entire business, such as a hair salon, carries its fair share of risk.

      For example, theft, fires, and injury to staff and customers could occur at any time, leaving you with expensive legal or repair costs if you’re not covered.

      Let’s say one of your hair salon employees slips on a wet floor and makes a claim against you, or the business premises is damaged in a fire—having the correct hair salon insurance could save you.

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