Holiday lodge insurance

Nothing beats a few days away - and if you own a holiday lodge, you'll want to spend as much time as you can at your favourite spot. Like a lot of holiday homeowners, you’ll probably invite your friends and family to enjoy it and you may even rent it to other holidaymakers when you aren’t using it. However you use your holiday lodge, you’ll be well aware of the risks and financial costs that damage or incidents can bring, making the right insurance cover essential.

Why do I need holiday lodge insurance?

You’ll know better than most that there are risks and potential hazards when you own a holiday lodge. Weather can play a big part, and damage caused by extreme weather is one of the main things you’ll want to protect your property against. Damage caused by vandalism, theft or break-ins can also cause worry and expense. If you live far away and can’t be immediately on-hand to keep your property secure, this will be even more of a concern. Getting any repairs fixed without delay to prevent any further damage is a real benefit of having insurance. Damage that isn't repaired could result in cancelled holidays and lost bookings, causing even more financial strain. As well as protecting you financially, most holiday parks will make insurance a condition of your agreement with them, and you might have to provide proof of insurance each year to remain on site.

What does holiday lodge insurance cover?

Most holiday lodge and cabin insurance policies cover the ‘basics’ of home and contents cover, including damage to the building itself and damage, loss or theft of the items within it, for example freestanding furniture and electrical goods. As well as this, most holiday home owners add extra cover for their personal possessions and sports equipment, hotel and caravan hire or loss of rent.

How much is holiday lodge insurance?

The price of your holiday lodge is determined by a number of factors, including the type of property, the value, location and the levels of cover you choose.

Ripe Insurance for Holiday lodges is coming soon!

You'll soon be able to get a quote here for your holiday lodge. Check back regularly for updates!


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