The Ultimate Guide To Static Caravan Decking

Like a home away from home, your static caravan provides a little slice of paradise as the ideal getaway space.

However, do you feel like your caravan isn’t living up to its full potential? Are you forever looking for new ways to upgrade and increase that luxury vibe? Or are you a first-time buyer looking for inspiration? Static caravan decking could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Static caravan decking is not only the ideal way to improve overall appearance but can also provide extra room for your overall living space.


What are the benefits of static caravan decking?

We mentioned that adding decking to your caravan can increase its luxury and feel, but they aren't the only benefits.


Increase your static caravans living space

If you're looking to entertain or host a family get together (including the dog) at your caravan, then space will be at a minimum. Every square inch becomes precious when guests are over, and decking can provide a great area for you to entertain, dine and relax.

The possibilities of using this newfound space are endless, with options to store bulkier items such as bikes, BBQs or other activity equipment.

With many static caravans being located with stunning scenery, you might even want to use the extra space to catch some rays in the sunshine and watch the world go by.


Update your caravan’s look

Whether you’re looking for a freshen up this spring or want to stand out on your holiday lodge, static caravan decking can help give you an edge.

There are many different colours, deck boards, deck accessories, and even lighting to choose from. There's also an opportunity to have an entrance walkway or even L or U-shaped wrap-around decks.

You can create a decking that really suits your needs with ramp access to improve accessibility by wheelchair or pushchair.

Why not get a little fancy and incorporate some stairs leading up to your decking as well.

The possibilities are endless when giving your static craven that new look and feel.

Don't forget as well as upgrading your caravan’s appearance decking also adds resale value for future investment.

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Insulation and protection

As much as extra storage and a new upgraded feel are nice to have, they aren’t necessarily the things that make static craven decking a must-have.

However, the main benefits are more practical as it helps to insulate and protect your caravan—this is especially helpful during the winter months.

If you combine decking with skirting, it can add a whole new level of shelter from harsh weather conditions, such as blustering winds or rain.

The skirting on your decking acts as a buffer to reduce drafts underneath your caravan and provides extra protection to stop water pipes from freezing. It also helps to improve heat protection, helping to trap warmth during colder months.

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Decking and skirting can also provide practical security.

Without a perimeter, your caravan may be at higher risk of things such as criminal damage or intrusion leading to theft. There are also common issues with the theft of items left underneath a caravan, which the decking can provide protection for.

Even with your decking, security breaches can still happen, and you may want to think about insurance coverage. At Ripe, we offer specialist caravan insurance for protection against theft, damage and public liability.

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Am I allowed to install static caravan decking at all holiday parks?

Before taking a deeper dive into the different types of caravan decking, we suggest you do the necessary checks within your holiday park.

Although the owner usually regulates caravan decking, you may want to consider:

• Check that you have enough space around your caravan to fit decking.
• Check to see if your holiday park has specific requirements about how far you can extend your decking.
• Review if your holiday park does not allow specific types of caravan decking.

What are the types of static caravan decking?

So you’re now invested in the benefits, it’s time to choose what type of decking you would like.

There are three main types of decking boards used for static caravans: wood, composite, and UPVC.

Some can be installed yourself. However, if you have issues such as sloping grounds, it may be best to get a specialist in to help you tailor and fit the decking.

Check out these static caravan decking specialists:

The Mayfield Group
Sunny decks
AB Sundecks

Wood caravan decking boards

Varnishing wood decking for static caravan

Known as traditional decking, wood is probably the first martial you’d think of.


Wood is the most common caravan decking and is usually chosen for its affordability, availability, and diversity.

Since timber is so readily available and comes in many ranges, you can find something to fit any budget.

Great for the DIYer, it comes in various colours and can easily be cut to fit different dimensions, making it easier to build exactly what you want.


However, there are significant drawbacks to using wood decking.

The main drawback and one may people have an issue with, is maintenance.

The upkeep of wood decking is not for someone who doesn't want to put in the work. It needs preserving, so it must regularly be stained or will experience rotting, splintering and decay if water gets in.

Wooden deck boards are also known to get very slippery when wet. This can be a common occurrence due to the UK climate and can be very dangerous. There are options to buy decking mats, but they are likely to hinder the luxury feel of your traditional wooden decking.

Composite caravan decking boards

Sun shining on composite decking for static caravans

A clear competitor for wood, composite boards are a good alternative for your static caravan decking.


Unlike wood, composite decking is known for being low maintenance. Due to being made from a combination of wood fibres and plastic, there isn't the same need to be continuously stained.

The composite material is more durable and does not splinter, meaning it'll last longer. It's a great choice for those environmentally conscious as the boards are also completely recyclable.

If you're still looking for that "wooden" texture and feel, composite boards can replicate it—with the bonus that they won’t lose their colour when the weather.


Though composite caravan decking boards can replicate the look of wooden ones, many don't like their appearance. Many feel it's particularly due to the shiny and plastic nature of the boards, which some feel doesn’t match up to the authentic and natural texture of wood.

Composite boards also come with a larger price tag than timber ones. However, if you're looking for an investment, this may equal out in the long run compared with the price of wooden board upkeep.

UPVC caravan decking boards

UPVC decking for static caravan

UPVC is a front runner when it comes to static caravan decking performance.


As far as being low maintenance, there virtually is no upkeep. Made completely from plastic, it does not absorb water, making it impossible to rot or decay.

Many UPVC boards are non-slip, making them great in the winter months.

As they are made from plastic, the boards are low cost, lightweight and extremely durable. It can also be easily recycled or repurposed.

If you’re looking for luxury on a budget, the UPVC is for you.


Despite having some amazing qualities, if you’re passionate about the look and feel of wooden decking, you won’t get that with UPVC.

The plastic material can be more difficult to install than the other choices. Though durable, which is a bonus, it is also less flexible and harder to manoeuvre into shape. The boards may require special tools to bend them, if necessary, during the installation, which most likely means hiring a professional.


Specialist static caravan insurance from Ripe Caravans

A static caravan isn’t just a cosy retreat. It's also a significant investment that you want to keep safe.

Although decking provides protection to small things such as water pipes, there are so many other risks you need to be sufficiently protected from—such as theft or even a tree falling that could create extreme damage.

At Ripe Caravans, our specialist touring caravan insurance provides cover for your caravan up to the value of £75,000, and you can choose to include additional cover to protect your contents and awnings.

We also offer public liability and free accidental death cover up to £10,000. What’s more, with our Ripe Guarantee, you won’t find a better price for your cover anywhere else on the market.

Click here to learn more about our specialist touring caravan insurance and get an instant online quote today.

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