Hairdresser insurance

What is hairdresser insurance?

As a hairdresser, you’re passionate about giving your clients the best possible service so they keep coming back. However, no matter how careful you are, accidents can still happen. For this reason, you need specialist hairdresser insurance, protecting you against potentially costly compensation claims from unhappy clients.

Our hairdresser insurance includes Public Liability cover, Equipment cover, Employers’ Liability cover and more. You can pick and choose your cover and build an insurance policy that protects your business, your employees and any specialist equipment you have.

Whether you’re a freelance hairdresser or rent a chair in a salon, at Ripe our ethos is all about making insurance easy-to-buy, jargon-free and excellent value.

Why do hairdressers need Public and Products Liability insurance?

When you’re cutting hair, there is a risk of your client suffering injury and holding you responsible.

For example, despite using proper manufacturer approved products, a client may still experience an allergic reaction, or their scalp could be burnt during treatment and they could try to claim compensation from you.

Public Liability insurance protects your legal liability if a claim is made against you or your employees for injury or property damage.

Our Public Liability insurance for hairdressers can be obtained in just a few clicks and we offer £1m, £2m or £5m of cover, depending on the size and nature of your business.

Why do hairdressers need Employers' Liability insurance?

It only takes one of your employees to slip on hair clippings or a wet floor for a claim to be made against you.

That’s why, if you employ people, you are required by law to have Employers' Liability insurance. This covers your costs and legal expenses in case an employee suffers an injury whilst working for you.

Ripe Insurance for Small Business offers £10 million Employers' Liability cover as standard.

Why do hairdressers need Tools cover?

All it takes is for your hair styling tools such as clippers to be stolen or damaged, for you to have to cancel vital appointments, losing income and letting your clients down.

If you weren't insured and had to pay for repairs or replacements out of your own pocket, there would also be obvious financial implications for your business.

Ripe Insurance for Small Business provides specialist Tools cover of up to £5,000, to protect your equipment against theft, loss or accidental damage. With our Tools cover, you can minimise disruption to your business and continue clipping away with minimum fuss.

Why choose our hairdressing insurance?

Our hairdresser insurance is quick and easy to buy and you only pay for what you need. We also include £10,000 accidental death benefit FREE in all our policies.

We believe in giving you the right cover at the best possible price. Our Lowest Price Guarantee means we won't be beaten on price, so get an instant online quote today and make sure your business is protected.

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