How to rent a chair in a salon

Renting a chair in a salon can be a great way for hair stylists, beauticians and other beauty professionals to start their own business without the significant upfront costs of opening their own salon. Renting a chair in a salon allows you to use the salon's facilities and equipment, while also giving you the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours and prices.

Let’s run through everything you need to know about how to rent a chair in a salon in the UK.

Why should you rent a chair in a salon?

As a hairstylist or beauty professional, you have lots of different options when it comes to your career. You can choose to work for yourself, work from home, work from your clients salon or in a salon. Some people who work in a salon are employed, but it’s more common to rent a chair and operate as a self-employed stylist or beauty pro.

This means that you pay a fee to the salon owner to use a chair and workspace, rather than being an employee. While this may seem like an additional expense, there are plenty of benefits to renting a chair in a salon that can make it a smart choice for your career. Here are some of the benefits of renting a chair in a salon:

Flexibility and control

Renting a chair in a salon gives you the freedom and flexibility to set your own schedule, choose your own clients, and set your own prices. You can work as little or as much as you like, and you have the ability to create your own brand and business. This level of control and autonomy is appealing to many hairstylists and beauty professionals who want to be their own boss and build their own client base.

Cost effective

Renting a chair in a salon can be a more cost effective option than opening your own salon or renting a commercial space. You won't have to worry about the upfront costs of building out a space or the ongoing expenses of maintaining a physical location. Instead, you can focus on building your business and attracting clients, without the added financial burden of owning a salon.

Access to resources and support

When you rent a chair in a salon, you'll have access to resources and support that can help you grow your business. You'll have access to the salon's equipment and supplies, as well as support from the salon owner and other stylists. This can be invaluable when you're just starting out or trying to expand your business.

Networking opportunities

Renting a chair in a salon can also provide networking opportunities. You'll be working alongside other hairstylists and beauty professionals, which can help you build relationships and make connections in the industry. This can lead to referrals and new business opportunities, as well as potential collaborations with other professionals.

Increased exposure

Renting a chair in a salon can also increase your exposure and visibility to potential clients. The salon's existing client base can become your clients, and you'll have the opportunity to attract new clients through marketing efforts and word-of-mouth referrals. This can help you build a strong client base and establish a solid reputation in the industry.

Are there any downsides to renting a chair in a salon?

While there are many benefits to renting a chair in a salon, it's important to consider both the pros and cons before making a decision. You need to make sure that what you’re doing is going to be the right decision for you. Here are a few reasons why renting a chair in a salon might not be the right choice for you:

Lack of stability and security

When you rent a chair in a salon, you are not an employee and therefore do not have the same level of stability and security as a traditional job. Your income can fluctuate based on your client load and the demand for your services. Additionally, you may not have access to benefits like health insurance or retirement plans.

Limited control over salon operations

When you rent a chair in a salon, you are not the owner and therefore do not have control over the salon's operations. This means that you may not agree with the salon's policies or business practices, and you may not be able to make changes that you feel are necessary. This isn’t so different to being employed, but you might feel differently about it when it’s your own business that’s affected.

Limited room for expansion

Renting a chair in a salon can be a great way to start your career, but it may not be the best option if you have aspirations of expanding your business. You may be limited in the services you can offer or the amount of space you have to work with, which can make it difficult to grow your business. You might also need to be aware of other services, priorities or professionals in the salon when it comes to expanding your services too.

Potential for conflict with other stylists

When you rent a chair in a salon, you are essentially running your own business within a shared space. This can sometimes lead to conflicts with other stylists over shared resources, scheduling or client relationships. This can happen in any professional situation, so it isn’t something that’s unique to renting a chair. It's important to have good communication and boundaries in place to prevent conflicts from arising.

Client confusion

Your clients might not always understand the distinction between you and the salon, so might not realise that booking in with another stylist when you’re not available affects you directly. They might just assume that you’re employed and earn a salary, and not that it’s your own business, so they just call the salon and book in with whoever’s available at the time...You can get around this by having strong branding and an online presence that makes it clear that you work for yourself. You can also just tell them and explain the situation.

How to rent a chair in a salon as a hair and beauty pro

If you’ve decided that renting a chair in a salon is the right step for you and your business then there are some steps that you should take. Not sure where to start? Here’s how to find and choose the right salon to rent a chair in:

Research your options

The first step in renting a chair in a salon is to research your options. Look for salons in your area that offer chair rental, and make a list of the ones that seem like a good fit for you. Consider factors such as location, the salon's reputation and the services offered.

You can also reach out to other beauty professionals in your network for recommendations or search online for directories of salons that offer chair rental. Some salon spaces will have active chair vacancies that they’ll advertise on their social media channels or in their salon window, but just because this isn’t the case doesn’t mean that there aren’t any spaces available. It’s always worth checking.

Contact the salon

Once you've narrowed down your list of potential salons, it's time to reach out and make contact. Call or email the salon and inquire about their chair rental options. Be prepared to answer questions about your experience, qualifications, and the services you offer. The salon wants to know that anyone working in their space is going to enhance their reputation and be able to bring clients in.

It's also a good idea to ask about the rental price and what is included in that price. For example, does the rental fee include the use of salon equipment and supplies, or will you need to provide your own? What hours will you have access to the salon? Are there any other costs you need to think about? Do they have a receptionist that will be available to you?

Set up a meeting

If the salon seems like a good fit, set up a meeting with the owner or manager to discuss the rental arrangement in more detail. During this meeting, you should bring a portfolio of your work and be prepared to discuss your goals for your business. You’ll also want to see the salon space and understand where you’d be renting your chair.

It's also important to ask any questions you may have about the rental agreement, such as the length of the rental period, the notice required to terminate the agreement, and any other terms and conditions. If there are other professionals around, take a look at how they work and the overall atmosphere of the salon space. Although you won’t be co-workers in the traditional way, you’ll still need to work there daily so it makes sense to work out if they’re on the same page as you.

Review the rental agreement

Before signing any rental agreement, make sure you review it carefully and understand all the terms and conditions. It's a good idea to have a legal professional look over the agreement to ensure that everything is fair and legal.

Some key things to look for in a rental agreement include:

  • the rental price and payment terms
  • the length of the rental period and notice required to terminate the agreement
  • the services and facilities included in the rental price (including storage and security)
  • your responsibilities as a tenant, such as keeping the salon clean and following health and safety regulations
  • any limitations or requirements for marketing
  • the salon's responsibilities as a landlord, such as providing maintenance and repairs to equipment and facilities

Get the necessary licences and insurance

Before you can start working as a self-employed beauty professional, you'll need to obtain the necessary licences and insurance. Depending on your area of expertise, this may include a hairdressing licence, beauty therapy licence, or a public liability insurance policy.

Make sure you research the specific requirements for your profession in your area, and obtain all the necessary licences and hair and beauty insurance  before starting work. This helps to keep you, your business, your clients and the salon protected. It’s better to be organised than realise that you needed insurance when it’s way too late.

Market your business

Once you've secured your rental agreement and obtained all the necessary licences and insurance, it's time to start marketing your business. Use social media, word of mouth and other marketing strategies to promote your services and attract clients.

Consider offering special deals or promotions to attract new clients and encourage repeat business. Remember, as a self-employed beauty professional, you'll need to be proactive in marketing your business and building your client base. Check out if there’s anything that your salon can do to help you market your business.

Should you rent a chair in a salon?

In conclusion, renting a chair in a salon can be a great way for beauty professionals to start their own business without the significant upfront costs of opening their own salon. By researching your options, contacting salons, setting up a meeting, reviewing the rental agreement , obtaining the necessary licences and insurance, and marketing your business, you can create a successful and profitable business as a self-employed beauty professional.

It's important to note that renting a chair in a salon may not be the best option for everyone. It requires a certain level of independence, self-motivation, and business acumen to succeed as a self-employed beauty professional. If you prefer the security and stability of working as an employee, then renting a chair may not be the best fit for you.

Please note the information provided on this page should not be taken as advice and has been written as a matter of opinion. For more on insurance cover and policy wording, see our homepage.

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