Jet ski insurance

Why insure your jet ski with us?

With jet skis being desirable boats, which cost up to £20,000, it’s no surprise that the theft of your jet ski is a very real risk. In addition, when you’re using them to travel at high speeds, accidents are all too common.  

That’s why our jet ski insurance is a must for any jet ski and personal watercraft owner. You can cover your jet ski up to the value of £20,000 against theft, accidental damage, malicious damage and salvage charges, and up to £1 million Third Party Liability. We also provide cover for your trailer, providing you’ve included the value of your trailer in the total sum insured.  

If your jet ski sustains any damage within the marina when you are towing or unloading it, you’ll also be covered. We know that some of you will want to ride full throttle on your jet ski outside of the UK, which is why you can add on optional extras to your jet ski insurance, such as European cover. It will ensure that you’re covered for 60 days at any one time for inland and coastal waters of Europe (limited to Belgium, Holland and France, but not West of Brest), and Eire (limited to the Irish Sea). 

Our jet ski insurance policies can be tailor made, meaning you can build the right cover for you depending on what you need at the best price.  

About our cover:

  • Build your own policy so you don’t need to pay for any unnecessary extras 
  • Quickly add on European cover or Winter cover if you need it 
  • Conditional trailer cover included within our policies 
  • £1 million Third Party Liability included as standard with all policies 
  • Our cover extends to any person aged over 18 in charge of your jet ski, with your permission 
  • 0% APR on all monthly premiums over £50 
  • Up to 25% no claims discount if you’ve made no claims in the past 5 years 

What does jet ski insurance cover?

Steering and keeping hold of a moving jet-ski is no simple thing, but our cover is. Jet ski insurance covers your jet ski up to a maximum value of £20,000. Cover includes protection against theft, loss, accidental or malicious damage, as well as Third Party Liability if you were to cause any damage to property or injuries to a person.  

Jet ski insurance includes conditional trailer cover and any damage sustained to your jet ski while towing will be covered, as well as the optional extras listed above.  

We aim to provide straightforward, stress-free insurance so you can shake off the stress when you’re out at sea, knowing that if an accident happens, the money won’t come out of your own pocket.  

How much is jet ski insurance?

The cost of insuring your jet ski will vary, depending on your individual circumstances. These can include; the value of your jet ski, your age, your claims history and the addition of any optional extras including European cover and Winter cover. Also, after meticulously scouring the market, we can promise you that you won’t find the same cover for less.

The Ripe Guarantee

Our build your own jet ski insurance policies have been rubberstamped with a Ripe Guarantee.  

This means: 

  • We only work with the UK’s leading insurers including Aviva and RSA.  
  • We have a slick quote and buy process - our aim is to help you get a quote by asking as few questions as possible.  
  • We’ve ‘unpackaged’ insurance - pick and choose your cover options so you only pay for the cover you need. 
  • We regularly benchmark our prices against the competition. 
  • We have over 10,500 Trustpilot reviews which rate us on average as ‘Excellent’.  

If you find the same cover for cheaper elsewhere, we won’t be beaten on price. With Insure4Boats on board, it’s plain sailing.  

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