Narrowboat insurance

Why insure your narrowboat with us?

For starters, you might wonder why you need insurance at all. Well, the equipment on your boat could be stolen or the target of a malicious attack. So that you don’t have to pay out, it’s handy to have our narrowboat insurance that protects your narrowboat against theft, accidental damage, malicious damage and salvage charges. What if you have an accident on the waterways and you cause damage to another boat? Perhaps you damage someone else’s property or even injure another person.  

Without insurance, you could find yourself drowning in legal costs and the initial incident would be the least of your worries. That’s why our narrowboat insurance includes £3 million Third Party Liability as standard, so you are covered for the above. What’s more, if you’re using an inland waterway, it’s advised by ‘YouGov’ that you must have a minimum of £1 million Third Party Liability. If not, you could end up being fined or even prosecuted. 

There are a few ways you can go the extra mile to protect yourself, your narrowboat and its contents. With our narrowboat insurance policies (including 'wide beam' narrowboats and Dutch barges), you can add on optional extras that you may need to keep things running smoothly. For instance, our Contents cover will ensure that your on-board personal possessions are protected against theft, loss or damage. We also provide Frost cover and Personal Accident so you can lock down that peace of mind.  

About our cover:

  • Build your own policy so you don’t need to pay for cover you don’t need 
  • Quickly add on Contents cover or Frost cover if you need it 
  • £3 million Third Party Liability included as standard with Hull & Machinery, which is legally advised 
  • Cruise anywhere on the inland waters of the UK, excluding lochs and lakes 
  • Our cover extends to any person in charge of your narrowboat, with your permission 
  • Up to 25% no claims discount if you’ve made no claims in the past 5 years 
  • Up to 10% discount if you moor your boat in a recognised marina

What does narrowboat insurance cover?

It covers any of the three main stern types; cruiser, semi-traditional and traditional. You can choose what your policy entails but essentially, it is intended to protect you, your narrowboat and other waterway users that share your passion.  

With our narrowboat insurance, you can protect your narrowboat against accidental damage, malicious damage and salvage charges. It also protects your legal liability if your boat collides with another boat and damages it or injures someone else.  

We aim to ensure that if an accident happens, you have peace of mind in the knowledge you won’t have to pay out of your own pocket, and you can get back on the water as soon as possible. 

We also pride ourselves on our excellent claims handling service. Nearly 85% of our policyholders who’ve made a claim with us are either satisfied or very satisfied with our service.* 

How much is narrowboat insurance?

The cost depends on a variety of factors. These include; the type of cover you opt for, the make and value of your boat, the age of your boat, your narrowboat’s mooring type and your age and marine claim history. We promise though, you won’t find the same cover for less. We pride ourselves on it.

The Ripe Guarantee

Our build your own narrowboat insurance policies have been rubberstamped with a Ripe Guarantee.  

This means: 

  • We only work with the UK’s leading insurers including Aviva and RSA.  
  • We have a slick quote and buy process - our aim is to help you get a quote by asking as few questions as possible.  
  • We’ve ‘unpackaged’ insurance - pick and choose your cover options so you only pay for the cover you need. 
  • We regularly benchmark our prices against the competition. 
  • We have over 10,500 Trustpilot reviews which rate us on average as ‘Excellent’.  

If you find the same cover for cheaper elsewhere, we won’t be beaten on price. With Insure4Boats on board, it’s plain sailing.  

*Based on a survey of 3,673 respondents sent in Dec 2019 .

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