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A comprehensive guide to caravan trackers

A comprehensive guide to caravan trackers

Having the right tracker for your caravan is very important is very important to keep your caravan safe. Here are some of the best trackers on the market right now and what features they offer.

SmarTrack Caravan Tracker

SmarTrack Caravan Protector

This caravan tracker from SmarTrack uses GPS, GPRS and GSM technology so you can track the exact location of your caravan with great ease. The tracker itself also comes with an internal battery backup, which means you will still be able to track your caravan when it doesn’t have direct power supply from a vehicle.

This tracker is available at a variety of subscription levels, from monthly direct debit to annual payments and one-off full payment.

Moving Intelligence Caravan Tracker

Moving Intelligence Pro 3 Tracker

Formerly known as Phantom, the Pro 3 tracker from Moving Intelligence is one of the leading trackers available on the market. This tracker can pinpoint the location of your caravan within an 8-foot range of accuracy. It can also detect any motion or interference with your caravan and alert you immediately.

The specifically designed app that accompanies the tracker is ideal for getting alerts about the status of your caravan and the tracker itself. The app can notify you about the battery status and allow you to view mileage charts.

Retrieve Caravan Tracker

Tracker Retrieve

The Retrieve tracker comes with built-in VHF technology, which can be used by the police in the event your caravan is stolen in order to pinpoint its exact location.  Because the tracker is battery operated, it can be connected to any part of your caravan without taking energy from a power source.

This tracker also possesses a long battery life, meaning you don’t have to worry about it running out of power. It comes with a range of different subscription levels, from one year to five years.

TruTrack Caravan Tracker

TruTrak FMT100 PAYG

The TruTrak caravan tracker is incredibly easy to use and can be connected to either your phone or your computer. It also comes with a backup battery supply, so you don’t have to worry if the primary battery runs out of energy unexpectedly.

This tracker is also a good choice if you are planning on taking your caravan abroad. It’s compatible in 176 countries—including the majority of Europe. As the TruTrak is available on a pay as you go basis,  it’s a great investment as you only have to use it when you needed.

GPSBob Caravan Tracker

GPSBob FMT100 Two-wire 12/24v GPS Tracker

This tracker from GPSBob is ideal for anyone that wants peace of mind about the security of their caravan. Not only does it send alerts within 30 seconds of detecting movement, it also sends a health check to your phone every 12 hours so you know exactly where your caravan is and the condition of the tracker.

The device comes with enough data for five years’ worth of regular use. If you end up using that data quicker than usual, then you can quickly top it up without any disruption to your tracking. You can also use this data to track all the movements your caravan has made within the last month.

Winnes Caravan Tracker

Winnes TKSTAR TK915

This tracker from Winnes comes with a wide range of features that make tracking your caravan nice and easy. It comes with a geo-fence feature, which allows you to set a safe area for your caravan. If your caravan leaves that area, it will send an alarm to your phone or your app.

If you want plenty of information about the journeys your caravan makes, this tracker is ideal. You can access six months’ worth of data about your previous routes either on the app or online. It will also alert you when your caravan moves so then you can react quickly if it’s being stolen.

HAL Locate Caravan Tracker

HAL Locate

HAL Locate tracking is all about giving you as much control as possible via an app. Once you have installed the tracker, the app gives you complete control, including giving you the ability to arm and disarm the tracker. If you have more than one tracker, you can also track them all easily through the app.

The app itself is very user friendly and is able to give you plenty of information, including details about previous trips and the battery status of the tracker itself.

This tracker is available with a range of subscription levels, from one year to five years.

Back2You Caravan Tracker

Back2You Caravan Tracker

This tracker from Back2You is a great choice for someone who doesn’t want a subscription and would prefer making a one-off purchase. With a six-month battery life on a single charge and no wiring needed, this tracker is nice and easy to install so you can start tracking the movements of your caravan straight away.

The tracker comes with a SIM card built in, which you can top up on a Pay as you go basis or fully set up and ready to use at a slight extra cost.

Falcon Caravan Tracker

Falcon Selftrack Caravan GPS Tracker

The Falcon GPS tracker is an easy to use, subscription free tracker. This tracker sends you a text message when requested, showing you a link to Google Maps where you can specifically pinpoint your caravan’s location. This can be particularly helpful if your caravan has been stolen and you can report to the police its exact location.

With a SIM card installed on a Pay as you go basis, this tracker can help keep running costs low as well. On average it costs 5p per location request with this tracker, so you know that when you top up the SIM it will be a while before you have to do it again.

iTrack Caravan Tracker

iTrack Long Life GPS Tracker

This tracker is ideal for someone who is looking for something with a long battery life. The iTrack GPS tracker has a battery life of three years when it’s in schedule mode, meaning you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery unexpectedly.

The internal GPS tracker allows you to set specified boundaries for your tracker, so you will get an alert as soon as tour caravan leaves a specified area.

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