Specialist BMX insurance

Why do I need specialist BMX insurance?

BMX’ing provides a thrill like no other sport. It’s fun, fast, exhilarating and tests your bike handling skills to their limits. Whether you’re performing flips, jumps or spins on the street, park, trails or flatland – there’s always a new challenge around the corner!

However, it’s worth also bearing in mind that performing challenging tricks can lead to accidents, which could result in you sustaining serious injuries. What’s more, BMX bikes are expensive, making them an attractive target for thieves. If your BMX bike was damaged or stolen, it could leave you with a large hole in your wallet.

That’s why you need to insure yourself and your bike, so that you’re free of worries whenever you ride. Whether you require Bicycle cover in case something happens to your bike, or Public Liability in case you injure someone else whilst riding, our insurance is designed to protect you. With our specialist BMX insurance, there are no tricks – just an easy ride.

It’s unlikely your BMX bike is covered by your home insurance policy

A lot of people assume their BMX bike will be covered by their home contents insurance – but this is not the case, especially when you’re out and about. In fact, one in three household policies do not cover bikes away from the home, according to research by comparison site GoCompare. Therefore, if you locked your bike at a skate park or trail and it was stolen, your home insurance would not cover it.

If fact, even if you add your BMX bike to your policy, this is at an extra cost and is still unlikely to be covered away from the home. With our specialist bike BMX insurance, your bike is covered both home and away, which is important for all adrenaline junkies!

We offer a range of cover options - build your own bespoke policy tailored to your needs.

Theft and Accidental Damage up to £30,000

It’s relatively easy to damage your BMX bike – certain tricks have the potential to cause serious damage. What’s more, BMX bikes are light, small and easy to shift, making them prime targets for potential bike thieves.

That’s why, if your bike is lost, damaged or stolen, our BMX insurance will cover you for the cost of repairs and replacements. We’ll also replace your bike new for old if it’s less than 3 years old and was bought new.

Up to £5m Public Liability cover

When performing new tricks in parks or on the streets, there’s always the chance of injuring someone else – whether it’s because they get in the way or your new tricks need a bit more practice.

Public Liability covers your legal costs if a claim is made against you because you’ve accidentally injured someone else or damaged someone’s property when out on your BMX.

Personal Accident

Even taking all the necessary precautions sometimes isn’t enough to stop you getting hurt. Injuries such as broken bones are sadly not uncommon in the BMX world.

With our Personal Accident protection, you’ll receive financial compensation for bone breakages and fractures, emergency dental work, hospitalisation, physio or if the accident results in death or permanent disability.

Accessories cover

You’ll know how important it is to wear a full-face helmet, gloves and other protective items such as knee and arm pads. After all, BMX’ing is a high-risk sport and accidents can happen when you’re attempting certain jumps and tricks.

But this clothing doesn’t come cheap and would cost a lot of money to be replaced. If you crack your helmet, tear your gloves, or break your arm or knee pads because of an accident, you can make a claim for these through our BMX accessories cover. This way, you can get repairs or replacements in no time. However, both your bike and its accessories must have been lost, stolen or damaged in order for you to make a successful claim.

Cover all your bikes on one policy

If you happen to have a number of BMX bikes, or perhaps a hybrid bike as well to get you around town, you don’t have to worry about multiple insurance policies for each bike. Our one policy can cover all your bikes.

Why choose us?

Our BMX bike insurance is provided by Cycleplan, part of Ripe. You can build a policy that’s tailored to you and we’re confident you won’t find another policy that closely matches your needs for a lower price. That’s why we have a Lowest Price Guarantee, meaning that if you take out a policy and within 14 days happen to find the same levels of cover elsewhere for less, we’ll refund the difference.

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