Hole-in-one insurance

We know there’s no better feeling than acing your round of golf by watching your ball fall smoothly into the cup straight from the tee.

But then reality kicks in and you realise everyone’s favourite tipple is on you! If you’re playing a Saturday competition, you can bet the clubhouse is full of people wanting to complete their day’s golf with a drink. Unfortunately, a hole-in-one can soon lead to a big hole in your wallet!

That’s where we come in.

What is hole-in-one insurance?

Hole-in-one insurance will cover your bar bill up to the value of £200 if you get a hole in one! It’s often used by golfers at tournaments and events such as 18-hole medal and club competitions.

If you’re thinking you’ll never hit a hole-in-one, maybe you didn’t know that an amateur’s chances are actually 1 in 12,750. So, hole-in-ones happen more often than you think – never say never.

Although undoubtedly not as critical as Public Liability or equipment cover (we hope anyway), it can certainly ease the burden if you’re required to quench the thirst of those relying on you to pick up the bar tab.

How do I claim my hole-in-one cover?

To claim on your hole-in-one insurance, you must have hit a hole-in-one during an 18-hole medal or club competition which conforms with the rules and regulations laid down by the R&A.

To prove to us you've achieved a hole-in-one, you need your scorecard signed by the club secretary. Additionally, claims should be submitted in writing and with the original itemised cash register receipts to us within 28 days. Receipts must have been incurred on the day of the golfing achievement and only from the club premises.

How much is hole-in-one Insurance?

Our specialist hole-in-one insurance is provided by Golf Care, part of Ripe Insurance. Endorsed by former Ryder Cup Captain, Bernard Gallacher, Golf Care is the UK’s biggest golf insurer and all new policyholders will qualify for a range of fantastic free gifts.

Hole-in-one insurance is included in every Golf Care policy because we’d love for you to toast your achievement on us!

The level of cover you will have will depend on the value of your equipment. There are four levels to choose from: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Get a quote from Golf Care today.

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