Personal Accident insurance

Why do I need Personal Accident insurance?

Although many people think of golf as a safe, non-contact sport, statistics in the UK show that around 12,000 golfers a year require hospital treatment as the direct result of injury on the golf course. When a golf ball is travelling at speed through the air, accidents can happen, and injuries can range from minor to severe.

Whether you’re hit in the mouth or you get a golf ball in the eye, it’s essential you get the treatment you need. Just take a look at the wayward tee shot that hit another golfer walking on the course leaving him partially blind.

That’s why you need Personal Accident insurance. It will cover the cost of dental treatment and physiotherapy as well as compensation should you suffer serious injuries such as loss of sight.

As well as this, if your injury leaves you out of action, it’s useful to know that you’ll be reimbursed for your club membership fees, so you aren’t paying for a membership you can’t use.

Why do I need Personal Accident insurance when I have household insurance?

Most UK household insurances do not include cover for injuries sustained while playing sports such as golf. Most people are not aware of this, and independent research has found that nine out of ten UK golfers are not properly insured on the golf course against personal injury or accident. Don’t be one of them – protect yourself from the worst and have peace of mind on the course.

What does Personal Accident insurance cover?

Our Personal Accident insurance provides up to £50,000 in compensation if something goes wrong. Personal Accident covers accidental death, permanent disablement, loss of limbs, loss of sight plus dental treatment. We make sure the financial impact of any serious injuries you sustain on the golf course is kept to a minimum so you’ll be back sinking putts in no time. You will also be reimbursed for any club membership fees if your injury means you’re unable to play for a period of time.

Is Personal Accident included in my policy?

All of our policies include Personal Accident cover. These policies offer varying levels of golf insurance cover depending on the value of your equipment.

How much does Personal Accident insurance cost?

Our specialist golf Personal Accident insurance is provided by Golf Care, part of Ripe Insurance. Endorsed by former Ryder Cup Captain, Bernard Gallacher, Golf Care is the UK’s biggest golf insurer and all new policyholders will qualify for a range of fantastic free gifts.

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