Specialist paintballing insurance

Whether it’s your first-time paintballing with your friends or you do it as a regular activity, wearing protective gear and helmets whilst running around the paintball arena isn’t always enough to protect you - accidents can still happen. That’s where we come in – our Specialist Paintballing insurance can cover injury both to yourself and to others, as well as theft or damage to your equipment.

Specialist Paintball Insurance offers:

  • Up to £10m Public Liability cover
  • Up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover
  • Up to £50,000 Equipment cover
  • Event Fee Reimbursement up to £500
  • FREE Equipment Hire up to £200
  • Worldwide cover

What does Specialist Paintballing insurance cover?

  • Public Liability if you cause injury or property damage

Whatever your level of paintballing experience, accidents can still happen which could result in you facing an expensive compensation claim. Public Liability insurance provides protection if a claim is made against you for injuring someone else or accidental property damage. For example, you could be held accountable if you injure someone else whilst in the arena.

Our tailored Public Liability insurance covers you up to £10 million, ensuring you won’t have to pay a hefty compensation bill out of your own pocket. You will also receive your own free personalised Public Liability confirmation card, so you can go into combat with proof you’re protected.

  • Personal Accident if you require treatment

Paintballing is a fast-paced game with people running around the course focusing on two things: shooting opponents and avoiding being shot. As you can imagine, slips, trips and running into course obstacles are all too common. Therefore, it makes sense to protect yourself in case you suffer a serious injury.

Our Personal Accident cover can help cover costs of up to £50,000 if you have an accident whilst in play that results in death, loss of limbs, loss of hearing, loss of sight, permanent total disablement, or you require dental treatment. Plus, we will provide you with Event Fee Reimbursement of up to £500 should you be unable to attend a paintballing session due to injury or illness up to 14 days immediately prior to the event start date.

  • Compensation for equipment repairs and replacement

We understand that when you’re playing a sport that involves running, lots of people and plenty of equipment, there’s always a chance property will be damaged. Paintballing kit can be expensive, with the majority of paintball guns costing between £500 and £1500, which is why we offer cover of up to £50,000 for theft and accidental damage of paintballing equipment. You can insure a single item worth up to £12,000.

We’ll also replace paintballing equipment on a New-for-Old basis if the item is under three years old, providing it was bought new and you have proof of ownership. Paintball equipment that is over three years old will be replaced on the indemnity value of that equipment at the time of damage or loss.

What’s more, we cover the costs of equipment hire of up to £200 so if you were to suffer a last-minute misfortune, such as theft, loss or damage of equipment, it won’t disrupt your chance to immerse yourself into a different world - zombies, war zones and movie sets await!

  • Additional cover

We provide Worldwide cover for up to 90 days a year to cover both you and your equipment while you’re abroad, so you can feel confident to go paintballing overseas.

We offer an Excess Waiver which means you won’t need to pay any excess charges should you make a claim.

Legal protection of up to £100,000 is available, which gives you access to legal advice should you need it.

Why should you choose Specialist Paintballing insurance if you have household insurance?

Household insurance might not cover you for incidents that happen outside the home, such as damage to equipment at the course or equipment stolen on the way to or from the venue. Instead of adding the additional cover onto your household insurance, our Specialist Paintballing insurance allows you to tailor the cover to you, so you’ve got the right cover in place ready for the next game!

How much does Specialist Paintball insurance cost?

Our Public Liability insurance for paintballing is provided by Gunplan, part of Ripe Insurance. When it comes to providing gun and shooting insurance, Gunplan can provide you with value for money cover without the unwanted extras that many shooting organisations include in their membership.

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