Glaziers insurance

What is glaziers insurance?

Anyone who’s cut, fitted or removed glass knows that being a glazier requires skill and attention to detail. When working with fragile materials such as glass, even the most innocuous mistake can be very costly without the right insurance in place. Our glazier insurance is designed to protect you against the risks that come with your job, such as injury to another person, as well as the loss, theft and damage of your tools. Whether you're cutting glass to a specified size and shape or one of your employees is installing a new window, we've got you and your business covered. Our cover for glaziers can include Public and Products Liability, Employers' Liability and Tools cover.

Why do glaziers need Public and Products Liability insurance?

Working with glass not only requires the utmost care and precision, it also presents a risk of injury and damage. If a piece of glass falls and shatters - this could seriously injure a customer and potentially damage their property, resulting in a compensation claim against you.

If this happens, you need Public Liability insurance. Our Public Liability insurance for glaziers can be obtained in just a few clicks and you can choose £1m, £2m or £5m of cover, depending on the size and nature of your business.

Why do glaziers need Employers' Liability insurance?

Even with the most meticulous attention to detail, your employees are at risk of hurting themselves whilst working with glass.

They could cut themselves when installing new windows for a customer, injure their back while lifting a heavy mirror up a flight of stairs, or get shards of glass in their eye. If any of these things were to happen, you may be liable for a compensation claim.

It's no wonder, therefore, that glaziers are required by law to have Employers' Liability if they have employees.

Employers' Liability insurance covers the costs and legal expenses you could incur if one of your current or former employees makes an injury-related claim against you.

Ripe Insurance for Small Business offers £10 million Employers' Liability as standard.

Why do glaziers need Tools cover?

As you know, glaziers use a lot of tools in order to achieve the right look and specification for their customers, and tools can be expensive.

If they were lost, damaged or stolen, it could not only prevent you completing a job, but even put you out of work for longer than you can afford.

That's why Ripe Insurance for Small Business provides specialist Tools cover of up to £5,000, to protect your hand held tools against theft, loss or accidental damage.

With our Tools cover, you can minimise disruption to your business and continue delivering the level of service your customers have come to expect.

Why choose our glazier insurance?

Our glaziers insurance is quick and easy to buy and you can tailor your policy to exactly suit your needs. In addition to the above, we also offer Goods in Transit insurance and all of our policies include £10,000 Accidental Death benefit absolutely FREE.

We don't believe in long forms, jargon or expensive premiums, we believe in giving you exactly the right cover at the best possible price.

Our Lowest Price Guarantee means we won't be beaten on price, so get an instant online quote today and make sure you're protected.

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