The safest rear-view mirrors for towing a caravan

Towing a caravan can be tough at times, particularly if you’re a new caravan owner and don’t have much experience.

From reversing while your caravan’s attached to making sure it doesn’t ‘snake’ on the motorway and cause danger to other road users, there are several things to be conscious of. Navigating tight spots is challenging at the best of times, but throw a touring caravan into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a whole new obstacle.

That’s why rear-view mirrors are essential for towing a caravan safely. Not only do they help you and your caravan, but they protect your fellow caravanners, too.

Cameras help drivers maintain a clear view of their surroundings, allow them to judge distances without leaving the driver’s seat, gauge when it’s safe to change lanes, and so on.


What are the different types of caravan rear-view mirrors?

safest rear-view mirrors for towing a caravan

There are various rear-view mirror types to choose from when it comes to towing a caravan. However, not all mirrors can be fitted to all cars—so you must double-check your fittings first.

Rear-view caravan mirrors are normally attached as an extension to the car or towing vehicle’s standard mirrors. Most caravan mirrors come in two main forms: flat and convex.

In a nutshell:

  • A flat mirror gives you an exact snapshot of what’s behind you
  • A convex mirror will give you a much wider field of view. While this is, of course, a good thing, it can make judging distances more difficult, as you don’t see a fully accurate representation of the road around you

However, most modern cars are fitted with convex mirrors as standard, so it’s likely you’ll be used to this. But choosing your rear-view caravan mirror is all down to personal preference again.

Check out the Caravan Vlogger’s handy video below for more information on flat and convex mirrors.


Caravan mirror fittings

Another safety consideration for rear-view towing caravan mirrors is their fittings. Again, your choice ultimately boils down to personal preference, but there are several types to be aware of.

  • Clamp-type
  • Electric strap
  • Standard strap
  • Suction pad

Clamp fittings are perhaps the most common and reliable of all. This is because they tend to offer the most stability when out on the road and very rarely come loose, making them one of the safest types of rear-view mirrors for towing a caravan.

Strap fittings are also fairly popular with touring caravan owners and come in either standard or electric form (normally battery-powered). These types of mirrors also provide good stability.

Some caravan mirrors can also be attached to the towing vehicle via a small suction pad. However, you must exercise caution with these as you’re completely at the mercy of the suction strength.

It’s not uncommon for suction-fitted mirrors to fall off in bad weather or on uneven road surfaces, which is a safety concern in itself.

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The safest rear-view mirrors for towing a caravan 

safest rear-view mirrors for towing a caravan

Finding a rear-view caravan mirror to suit you needn’t be difficult, and we’re here to help.

In no particular order, here’s a small selection of some of the safest rear-view mirrors for towing a caravan.


#1 Milenco Grand Aero 3 Flat Caravan Towing Mirrors

Typical price: £75

Key features

  • Aerodynamic head
  • Easy-grip thumb wheels
  • Universal vehicle fitting

As those who know their stuff will vouch, Milenco is a well-established name in the caravan industry—and it’s easy to see why.

Its Grand Aero 3 Flat mirrors are made to an exceptional standard with the very best materials. With high-grade stainless steel and additional corrosion-resistant brass inserts, this mirror’s shelf-life is scarcely matched.

Not to mention the mirror glass is chrome safety glass, too—win-win!

In terms of its ease of use, the Milenco Grand Aero 3 has plenty to shout about here. Its easy-grip thumb wheels on a tilting axis allow the clamps to form a new ‘shape’ in line with the contours of the towing vehicle parts.

The mirror also uses the natural airflow surrounding your towing vehicle to stabilise itself when travelling at high speeds.


#2 Streetwize Rock Steady Towing Mirrors

Typical price: £42

Key features

  • Strong synthetic fastenings
  • Can be fitted in seconds
  • Flat and convex joint bundle

The Streetwize Rock Steady Towing Mirrors come as a 2-pack, with one flat and one convex mirror for an increased depth of vision.

A universal design means these mirrors are very easy to fit to most standard car mirrors and can also be adjusted accordingly with minimal fuss.

The mirrors can be fitted across the top of your car’s existing side-view mirrors, and with highly robust synthetic fastenings, you needn’t worry about these mirrors falling off into the road either.

Streetwize towing mirrors are also E-approved, which means they comply with all the relevant safety requirements, too.


#3 Ring Towing Mirrors

Typical price: £20

Key features

  • Fits all cars
  • Adjustable strap fittings
  • Super lightweight

Ring’s towing mirrors are an example of some of the best value for money you’ll find on this market.

At just £20 (approx.), these super-lightweight mirrors come in at a combined 720g, so they won’t break the bank or the scales—but they will ensure you get from A to B safely.

Ring towing mirrors come as a 2-pack and fit using secure straps that grip your car’s standard mirrors.

Although very easy to adjust, you may want to measure your towing vehicle’s mirrors first to be certain they’re a good fit. The mirrors and straps are designed to fit most vehicles, though, so the chances are you’ll be good to go in no time.


#4 Pennine Vision Mirrors 4x4 Caravan Towing Mirrors

Typical price: £25

Key features

  • Specially designed for 4x4 vehicles
  • Safe rubber straps and buckles included
  • E-mark approved

If you tow your caravan with a 4x4 vehicle or van, you need to check out Pennine’s Vision Mirrors.

These caravan towing mirrors have been specifically designed to fit 4x4s, ensuring the bulk of your vehicle and larger mirrors don’t obstruct your rear-view in any way.

With sturdy arms extending out further than the average and rubber straps securing them in place, driving a larger vehicle needn’t be a hindrance to towing.

And for less than thirty quid, you really can’t grumble.


#5 Maypole MP8329 Convex Towing Mirrors

Typical price: £25

Key features

  • Convex glass
  • Easy to fit and adjust
  • Highly robust and durable

Last but not least, these versatile, aerodynamic convex mirrors by Maypole—another reputable manufacturer in this space—come with quick and easy clamp fittings to ensure a safe and seamless tow.

With a robust chrome bar extension minimising vibration on the move, you can be sure of a clear, undisrupted view of your caravan and the road behind you.

What’s more—they’re EU standards-approved, too.

One important thing worth noting in particular, however, is that your car’s mirrors will need to have a ‘lip’ on either the upper or lower edge of their casing to fit these mirrors properly.


More mirror safety: maintenance tips

safest rear-view mirrors for towing a caravan

Caravan rear-view mirrors need to be properly looked after to ensure their safety, reliability, and ultimately their ability to do what’s asked of them.

Here’s a handful of useful tips for ensuring your mirror stays road-safe:

  • remove them and keep them in manufacturer-provided or approved storage bags when not in use
  • have at least two people help attach to the towing vehicle
  • ensure there’s an appropriate level of slack in the straps (if using this mirror-type)

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Specialist touring caravan insurance from Ripe Caravans

A rear-view mirror is not the only thing your touring caravan needs. You also need to make sure you have the right insurance in place. After all, accidents can still happen while your caravan’s in transit.

At Ripe Caravans, our specialist touring caravan insurance provides cover for your caravan up to the value of £75,000. You can also choose to include additional cover to protect your content and awnings.

We also offer public liability and free accidental death cover up to £10,000.

Learn more about our touring caravan insurance, how we can help you, and get a bespoke online quote today.



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