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What our specialist Cycling Insurance covers

Theft, Loss & Accidental Damage up to £30k

This covers theft of your bicycle from your home, away from home or from a motor vehicle. Cover also includes malicious damage to your bicycle, accidental damage and loss.

Public Liability cover up to £5m

Protects you if you accidently injure another person or damage third party property whilst riding your bike.

Excess Waiver

The excess is the amount that you must pay of any agreed claim. By selecting excess waiver, you won’t have to pay a penny in the event of a claim.

Personal Accident cover up to £50k

Covers you if you’re involved in a cycling accident that results in permanent disability or death. Also covers physiotherapy, broken bones, hospitalisation and emergency dental expenses relating to your cycling accident.

Legal Expenses cover up to £50k

Covers you if you need to pursue a civil claim following a cycling accident that you were involved in.

Bicycle Accessories up to £1k

Your accessories are an important part of your gear. We can cover your helmet, shoes, jerseys, vests, glasses, goggles, helmet mounted cameras, GPS units and lights where there’s also a claim to your bike.

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