A complete guide to park home security

Break-ins are rare on residential sites, but it’s certainly not impossible. Focusing on park home security is important if you want to properly enjoy your home.

No one deserves the trauma associated with the aftermath of vandalism or burglary. Moving to a residential park home estate is supposed to make you feel safe and secure, and there are various steps you can take to prevent these things.

Here you’ll find everything you need to keep your park home secure, from choosing the right site to keeping your valuables safe.


1. Choose a secure site

This is the first step to ensuring maximum park home security.

It’s always wise to thoroughly research parks that you plan on moving to before purchasing your home, especially regarding the security measures they have in place.

Signs of a good level of security include:

  • having a neighbourhood watch scheme  
  • having gates that are locked 24/7
  • having an on-site security team
  • having CCTV and alarm systems in place

Look at the Ainmoor Grange Country Park in Derbyshire, for example. From a glance, we can see that it’s a gated community with CCTV and an on-site warden. A good site will always be transparent about its security.


2. Secure all entrances

One of the first steps toward deterring vandals and thieves is to fully secure the property’s windows and doors.

This is especially important when you’re not present, as this is when intruders are most likely to strike. You should regularly check that all locks are in full working order and repair any faulty locks as a priority.

Opting for high-quality locks in the first place is a sure-fire way to keep them in good condition. ABUS provide a large range of window locks, and you can also purchase over-locks for added security.

If your door only has one lock, you can reinforce it to prevent someone from entering the property. This could include DoorJammers or restrictors for added protection.


3. Light up the exterior

One of the most effective ways to deter intruders is to keep the space outside your park home illuminated.

It would be best if you avoided leaving any dark corners for them to obscure themselves in, especially around windows and doors.

Motion-detector lights are a great option, as they can catch intruders off-guard and discourage them from advancing onto your property. You can even find solar-powered options to save on running costs.

Remember not to always leave a light on during the night, as this can actively aid thieves by giving them a better view of the property and any entry points.


4. Fit a reliable alarm system

This is hands down the most important step for maximum park home security. A quality alarm system is essential, as it’s often the main barrier between a thief and your valuables.

recent survey of previous offenders found that an alarm system would discourage 60% of respondents from targeting a property. This reflects the importance of having a park home security system in place.

According to security.org, the most trusted home security brands are ADT and Vivint.

Ring is an increasingly popular home security brand, and you can pick up an alarm, camera, and video doorbell package for £319.99.

Each of these brands provides packages that allow you to receive remote notifications via your smartphone. So, you can always keep tabs on who is approaching your property, even when you’re not at home.


5. Be cautious when you’re not home

If you’re heading away for a short time, you can take a few easy steps to protect your home from theft or vandalism.

Having your curtains or blinds closed is a must, as potential intruders won’t be able to see whether you’re at home or not. They also won’t be able to eye up any valuables you’ve left behind, such as your TV or other electricals.

You could also invest in a light timer to make it appear as though you’re in during the evening. This is especially effective with the curtains drawn, as thieves won’t want to chance breaking in when someone could be ready to greet them at the other side of the door.

The last step is to notify your neighbours or the park warden that you’re going to be away so that they can keep an eye out for you.

Park home sites are usually close-knit communities, making them less attractive for thieves to target, especially when residents watch over each other’s property.


6. Mark your personal belongings

This won’t necessarily stop someone from stealing your belongings, but it can massively increase the chances of them being returned to you following a theft.

You can use UV pens, permanent ceramic markers, or etching/engraving to mark your property–what you use depends on the item itself.

The Metropolitan Police have a guide on marking property to deter thieves and suggest including the following as a form of identification:

  • your postcode
  • your property number
  • the first three letters of your address

This makes it harder for thieves to sell your property and could deter them from removing it in the first place.


7. Secure your Wi-Fi network

Since your property will likely be amongst other park homes and potentially nearby holiday rentals, it’s a good idea to secure your Wi-Fi network. This means others won’t be able to use it if they manage to guess your password.

The easiest way is to create a secure password and disable network name broadcasting.

Norton has a 7-step guide to securing your Wi-Fi network, so check this out if you want to achieve maximum internet security.


8. Install a secure home safe

There’s no better way to protect your valuables than through a quality safe.

While thieves typically know to look for safes, there are a few steps you can take to make it impenetrable. These include:

  • opting for a high-quality safe
  • opting for a digital locking system vs keys
  • bolting it in place
  • storing it in a discreet location

Check out our guide on home safes for what to look for when making a purchase.


Specialist park home insurance with Ripe

Whether you’re moving to a residential site or you already live in a park home, you may want to protect it through insurance.

At Ripe, we arrange bespoke park home insurance that covers your property, including fixtures and fittings up to the value of £500,000 and your contents up to the value of £75,000.

It also protects your home against damage caused by storms, floods, vermin, theft, or malicious damage. It’s the ultimate form of park home security!

Click here to learn more about how we can help, or get an instant online quote today.

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