The 9 best autumn wedding favours

Autumn is arguably the most picturesque season to get married in. From rich gold leaves to cosy firesides, it provides a beautiful setting for your wedding album.

Themed wedding favours are the perfect way to compliment your seasonal wedding, especially if you have an atmospheric setting.

Here you’ll find the best autumn wedding favours in the UK, so you can wow your guests with thoughtful keepsakes they haven’t seen before.

We’ve considered all budgets, and included favours available in a range of colours, so you’re guaranteed to find something to match your theme.


1. Albusky maple leaf paper boxes, £9.89 (50pcs)

autumn wedding favours image

When it comes to autumn-themed wedding favours, you can’t go wrong with an iconic maple leaf design.

The boxes are made using high-quality kraft paper and are pillow-shaped with a clear maple leaf window to show off their contents. You could easily use them to give out sweets, chocolates, confetti, and more.

They come with ‘thank you’ tags and auburn ribbons, accentuating the autumnal design. They would fit right in with rustic-themed wedding décor.

The boxes’ rear sides are blank, leaving plenty of room for DIY tags or messages. Considering you receive 50 boxes for under £10, they are a great foundation for crafting your own autumn wedding favours.


2. Boho soap favour, £2.22+ (1pcs)

 boho soap autumn wedding favours

Elegance is the first word that comes to mind with these beautifully crafted autumn-themed wedding favours.

The burst of orange contrasted with the more neutral tones of the soap, string, and wrapping gives this option an unmistakable touch of autumn.

If you’re planning to include personalised labels with your wedding favours, you’ll be pleased to know this option is included in the price. The seller even takes requests for bespoke logo designs.

You can opt to receive anywhere from one to 200 pieces, and there are four styles to choose from, so you can customise your purchase to best suit your needs.


3. Vintage key bottle openers, £1.00+ (1pcs)

best autumn wedding favours vintage key bottle opener

These vintage-style bottle openers will fit perfectly with the colour schemes associated with most autumn-themed weddings.

They’re tasteful and something your guests can use after the celebrations to remember your special day.

As shown on the seller’s Etsy page, you could pair them with various table decorations, such as wooden slices or birdcages. Their neutral colour scheme makes them incredibly versatile.

You can order this product as a one-piece sample or in sets of 20-100pcs. Their value remains at £1.00 per piece, making them one of our list’s cheapest autumn wedding favours despite their high quality.

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4. Wax melt autumn leaves, £2.00+ (1pcs)

autumn leaves wedding favour

Wax melts are something most households use, and these autumn-inspired melts capture the season’s colours in all their glory.

The orange, gold, dark brown and green tones are perfect for accompanying a rustic or neutral centrepiece and giving it a splash of colour.

You can opt to include stickers alongside the wax melts, but you need to notify the seller beforehand to confirm the design.

There are over 20 scents to choose from, so you can even give them an autumnal smell.


5. Wildflower seeds, ££0.70+ (1pcs)

wildflower seeds autumn wedding favour

What better way for guests to remember your special day than planting their own wildflowers?

They can be sown from March to October, allowing guests to add a splash of colour to their gardens ahead of the darker, colder months.

They’re also bee and butterfly friendly, so, come summer, guests can remember your wedding through the blossoming wildlife the flowers bring.

The seeds come in beautifully designed packets and manilla envelopes so that they will blend in seamlessly amongst autumnal colour schemes.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly autumn wedding favours, you’ll be glad to know the glassine packets are 100% biodegradable.


6. Autumn leaves in a jar, £32.63+ (10pcs)

autumn leaves wedding favour

If small, charming keepsakes are to your taste, you’ll love these autumn-themed wedding favours.

The packages start at 10 bottles for £32.63, not including gift boxes, which are an optional extra. You can select up to 200 boxes on each order.

Each wedding favour package comes with:

  • corked bottles
  • glitter
  • paper message tags
  • maple leaf decorations

You can personalise the message in the bottle with up to 10 words, which is perfect for thanking your guests and adding your wedding date.

You can also message the seller to discuss the colours of glitter, leaf decorations and ribbon you’d prefer. That way, you can ensure these autumn wedding favours match your theme.


7. Mulling spices, £23.66 (5pcs)

autumn wedding gifts image

Mulling spices are a hit with autumn lovers, whether they’re used in seasonal beverages or as fragrant kitchen decorations.

These autumn-inspired wedding favours are ideal for giving your guests a memorable gift to remember your special day, whether they add a kick to their favourite cider, wine, or grape juice.

If you wish, you can personalise the tags to make them more sentimental. But please note that the minimum order for this option is 10pcs.

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8. Rustic wooden tealight holders, £52.23+ (50pcs)

rustic tealight holders autumn wedding favour

Tealight holders are something many of us use in our everyday life. They make great wedding favours if you want to give guests something they’ll use, and that doubles as a piece of your special day.

These rustic wooden tealight holders are ideal for autumn weddings, especially the orange, brown, and rich red flower colour options.

They come in 48 different colours, so you can guarantee they’ll match your colour scheme.

The customisable heart-shaped tags are perfect for including your and your partner’s names and the wedding date. They’re made from wood, making them a high-quality keepsake.


9. Pashmina shawls, £155.50 (50pcs)

 shawl autumn wedding favour

Perhaps one of the most functional autumn wedding favours, these pashmina shawls are perfect for weddings that involve cosying up outside around a fire pit.

They’re also unique—we doubt anyone else will have thought to provide such a comforting favour.

There are 29 colours to choose from, many of which are perfect for blending in with an autumn theme. Our favourites are rose gold, taupe, and burnt orange.

You can personalise your shawls with a label to mark the occasion. There are 12 different options, one with a maple leaf design, which would look perfect against the backdrop of an autumn-themed wedding.


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