7 top jewellery trends to look out for in 2023


Jewellery trends are ever-changing, as things drift in and out of fashion over time.

Trends (jewellery included) are cyclical, and whether we realise it or not, everything we wear is inspired by something or someone. After all, that’s how trends begin in the first place.

Here at Ripe, we like to think we know a thing or two about your jewellery and other valuable items, and the trends associated with them. We’ve done substantial research and predicted some of the top jewellery trends to look out for in 2023.

From personalised pieces with nostalgic nods to big, maximalist pearls and bold, stated cuffs, read on for a flavour of what’s to come in the jewellery world in 2023. There might be a few surprises!


Table of contents

1. Personalisation
2. Drop earrings
3. Floral chokers
4. Maximalist pearls
5. Nostalgia
6. Darker beads
7. Bold cuffs


1. Personalisation

jewellery trends 2023

The term ‘personalised’ can mean different things to different people, and how ‘personal’ a piece of jewellery feels to you likely depends on the occasion or your reason for wearing it.

In the context of jewellery in 2023, think initial necklaces and bracelets, mostly.

Pandora reported a 42% rise in on-site searches for its alphabet charms, in particular, from December to January—a pattern seemingly being mirrored across the industry.

There are multiple factors behind the rise in the popularity of personalised jewellery. Personalised pieces are unique to the owner and often hold sentimental value if received as a gift. Personalisation as a jewellery trend won’t be going away any time soon, so keep it in mind this year.


2. Drop earrings

jewellery trends 2023

First, let us explain what drop earrings are for those who don’t know. Unlike ‘dangle’ earrings, which swing back and forth when you walk or move your head, drop earrings hang just below the earlobe and normally stay still when you walk—almost like an extended stud.

According to the experts, drop earrings are very much ‘in’ this year. In fact, data released by online retailer Etsy showed a 37% increase in searches for drop earrings compared to last year.

What’s great about drop earrings is the sheer variety available and, of course, their versatility. There’s a pair of drop earrings suitable for pretty much every person, outfit and occasion.

From small crystals to larger, bolder numbers that sit as low as the top of the shoulder (often called dangle-drop earrings), they’re another 2023 jewellery trend you’re bound to notice.


3. Floral chokers

jewellery trends 2023

Source: Instagram @matildadjerf

Of course, it depends on who you’re following, but floral chokers are everywhere on Instagram this year, from the runways to the high street and everywhere else in between.

Chokers have arguably never gone out of fashion, but the floral choker, in particular, is back with a bang as one of 2023’s hottest fashion and jewellery trends.

These ‘90s-inspired pieces add a touch of class and colour to any outfit, be it a casual or more formal look you’re going for. We’ve already seen the likes of Kendall Jenner, Matilda Djerf (above), and even Harry Styles rocking the floral choker in 2023. Who’s next?

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4. Maximalist pearls

jewellery trends 2023

Again, pearls are never out of fashion. Pinterest’s annual trends report showed that online searches for pearls were thriving in 2022, but it seems 2023 is the year for supersizing them. Maximalist pearls are already one of this year’s most notable jewellery trends.

They were a common feature at the Givenchy SS23 runway in Paris, with models wearing everything from giant single pearl earrings to chunky, oversized necklaces down the catwalk.

The simplistic elegance of pearls and the fact they’re very easy to style will mean they’re always popular. Speaking to Marie Claire, Turkish jeweller and designer Begüm Yalçin said: “Pearls have been on the jewellery scene for a long time, previously forgotten, but for the past few seasons, they’ve had a major comeback, in bigger shapes.”

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5. Nostalgia

The beauty of nostalgic jewellery is that different people feel nostalgic about different things, so the choice and variation in this kind of jewellery are practically endless.

Pieces of nostalgic jewellery are often viewed as novelty items, popular with younger adults and even children. But it’s definitely not just kids who are jumping on the nostalgia hype in 2023, and according to the experts, birthstone signet rings, in particular, are enjoying a timely resurgence.

Nostalgic jewellery is special to whoever is wearing it. Often handed down within families from one generation to the next, wearable nostalgic items remind us of people and things from our past, as well as memories we hold dear. Wearing nostalgic jewellery is a way of holding onto past happiness and bringing special things back to life in the present day.

Look out for ‘80s and ‘90s jewellery, in particular, this year.


6. Darker beads

Dark stones and beads are very much ‘in’ for 2023.

Traditionally, wearing black beads symbolises the wearer’s ability to remain hopeful in the face of adversity and keep positive in challenging times.

Dark beads are also important in religious attire in faiths such as Hinduism. The Mangalsutra is a type of necklace commonly worn by women in India, symbolising the ‘holy bond’ between them and their married partner. These necklaces often feature black beads.

But, of course, you don’t have to follow Hinduism to wear dark beads, and their surge this year has already proved that. Whether worn on the neck or wrist, dark beads add a touch of class to your look and often sit more easily among other pieces of jewellery than lighter-coloured beads might.

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7. Bold cuffs

Big, bold cuffs worn at the wrist or higher are our final jewellery trend for 2023.

When we’re talking cuffs, the term ‘bold’ can mean whatever you want it to. The choice of size, colour, material, positioning, and so on is entirely yours.

However, some of our favourites from this year so far include Danielle Deadwyler at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party and Jenna Ortega at Paris Fashion Week. Check both of those looks out, and you’ll see exactly what we mean by ‘bold cuffs’—another trend we certainly can’t see going away any time soon.


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