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Getting your jewellery valued

Protect your treasured possessions - get them valued

Buying jewellery often requires a great deal of thought – and sometimes a great deal of money. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a watch or an anniversary gift, your jewellery is among your most treasured possessions. It may also carry a significant sentimental value if, for example, it’s a family heirloom which has been passed down through generations.

If such items are lost, stolen or damaged, you will likely need to provide your insurer with the original sales purchase or till receipt, or an accurate valuation of your jewellery, in order to claim on your valuables insurance. As such, getting your jewellery valued is vital.

At Ripe Insurance for Valuables, protecting your trusted items is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve given you some simple steps to getting your jewellery valued so that, if you make a claim, the compensation you receive for your jewellery reflects its true worth.

Why you need to get your jewellery valued

Valuation is a vital part of the jewellery insurance process, as not providing an accurate value will affect your claim. When you contact your insurer to prove your jewellery’s value, you should ideally have Evidence of Ownership in the form of an original sales purchase or till receipt. However, you may not have this documentation, simply because you bought it a long time ago and receipts can easily go missing. If you don’t have Evidence of Ownership, you need a jewellery valuation along with a photograph of the item. Without this, your claim would be unsuccessful and you would find yourself not just without your precious jewellery, but also out of pocket.

How to get your jewellery valued

If you want to make a claim with Ripe Insurance for Valuables, you need to provide us with either the original sales purchase or till receipt, or a valuation from within the last three years which was completed by a National Association of Jewellers Institute Registered Valuer (IRV). You can find your nearest IRV and explore from a list of valuation companies used by national jewellers here.

The basis of valuation

For pre-owned or second-hand watches, the value you give us must represent the amount to replace the watch with one of a similar age and condition in the UK. For inherited watches, the value provided can be either the second-hand or pre-owned value as above, or the value of the item as purchased from new.

Hopefully the above explains why getting your jewellery valued is so important for ensuring your valuables insurance claim is successful. However, if you want to know more about our valuables insurance or how to value your jewellery, please visit our FAQs page or read our terms of insurance.

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