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We understand shooting is a sociable sport that is about much more than just hitting the target. The great thing about shooting is the experience, heightened by the people who share the same passion as you. We recognise the close bond within syndicates and clubs, which is why we protect each member of your syndicate or club at a discounted price.


  • Syndicates of up to 20 members can get a 20% discount on shooting insurance
  • If your syndicate have more than 20 members, simply call our friendly UK based Customer Service team and we’ll give you an exclusive quote

Our Specialist Syndicate and Club insurance offers:

  • Up to £10m Public Liability cover
  • Up to £50,000 Personal Accident cover
  • Up to £50,000 Equipment cover
  • Event Fee Reimbursement up to £500
  • FREE Equipment Hire up to £200
  • Worldwide cover

What does Syndicate and Club insurance Cover?

  • Public Liability against injury or property damage

We know that your syndicate or shooting club will take safety very seriously and do their best to reduce the risks involved. But sadly, they can’t be eliminated, which is where Public Liability insurance comes in.

Essentially, it provides cover if you were to injure someone else or damage someone else’s property. For example, you could be facing a costly compensation claim if you misfired and hit someone, hit livestock, or hit someone’s car window. It protects you from such claims so you have peace of mind when you go on a shoot with your club or syndicate.

Our Public Liability insurance covers you up to £10 million should an unfortunate event occur, and you will also receive a free personalised proof of Public Liability card for each member of the syndicate, so you have evidence to hand that you’re all protected when shooting. 

  • Personal Accident cover if you require treatment 

No matter how good you are at shooting, accidents happen, and it is not worth taking the risk. Perhaps the kick back from your gun knocks a tooth out, your eardrums burst, or you trip and fall and seriously injure yourself. We’re here to make sure the financial impact from injuries such as these is kept to a minimum.  

That’s why we cover the costs of personal accidents up to £50,000 so if you have an accident whilst on a shoot that results in death, loss of hearing, loss of limbs, loss of sight, permanent total disablement or a dental injury, you don’t have the extra stress of worrying about what happens next. We also offer reimbursement for events in case you are unable to attend a shooting event due to illness or injury up to 14 days immediately prior to the event start date. 

  • Compensation for equipment repairs and replacements

Guns can be very expensive, but we understand that accessories - scopes, binoculars, ear defenders and ammunition just to name a few - are also costly. So, if you were to have your equipment lost, stolen or damaged, you may end up paying out thousands of pounds to repair or replace it. 

That’s where we come in. Our Specialist Syndicate and Club insurance covers equipment up to £50,000 for loss, theft and accidental damage. We also provide New-for-Old cover on all  equipment that is up to three years old and was new at the time of purchase. Equipment over three years old will be replaced at the market value of that equipment at the time of damage or loss.

In addition, if you were to damage your gun last minute or lose your scope, we cover any Equipment Hire costs of up to £200 so that you are still able to enjoy your shoot day with your syndicate.

  • Additional cover

Worldwide - We cover you for up to 90 days wherever you are in the world so that you can enjoying shooting abroad.

Excess Waiver - We offer an Excess Waiver which means you won’t need to pay any excess for shooting equipment or dental claims.

Legal Protection - We know this is something no shooter wants to have to use, but we can make any legal issues that arise a lot easier to deal with. We provide you with legal cover of up to £100,000, which can be used should you find yourself in certain tricky situations. For example, if you are refused the renewal of your firearm certificate or you simply want guidance on what to do in the event someone has injured you with their firearm, we’ll be there to help you.  

Going beyond house insurance

Our Specialist Syndicate and Club insurance covers you both inside and outside of your home, whereas household insurance often has limited cover while you’re out and about. Although you can add your shooting equipment onto your household insurance, it unfortunately comes with an additional cost and it generally won’t provide other cover you need such as Public Liability and Personal Accident. With us you can build your own cover, so it’s tailored to your needs - and let’s not forget our discount for syndicates and clubs!

How much does specialist Syndicate and Club insurance cost?

Our insurance for syndicates and clubs is provided by Gunplan, part of Ripe Insurance. When it comes to providing gun and shooting insurance, Gunplan can provide you with value for money cover without the unwanted extras that many shooting organisations include in their membership.

Syndicates of up to 20 members can get a 20% discount on shooting insurance:

  • £10m Public Liability cover per person
  • FREE personalised proof of Public Liability card for each member of the syndicate

Please call our Customer Service team for syndicates of over 20 members.

To claim your exclusive syndicate discount, call our friendly, UK based customer service team on 08000 92 72 73.

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