What Does Static Caravan Insurance Cover?

There are many reasons why static caravan insurance is essential. We explore a few of them in this article and explain where Ripe Caravans comes in.

Theft of contents from your static caravan

what does static caravan insurance cover

If you leave your static caravan unattended for long periods, there’s a risk of theft and damage due to break-ins or vandalism. 

Just think of all the prized possessions you’ve got in your caravan. If they were stolen, some of them might be irreplaceable. But you’d want to be able to replace whatever items you could.

However, without static caravan insurance, you’d have to dip into your own pocket to replace your possessions if they were stolen. This shows how essential specialist cover is.

Damage to your static caravan

what does static caravan insurance cover

If you own a static caravan, it could suffer:

  • Window damage caused by birds, hailstones, storms or even golf balls (if your caravan park is near to a golf course)
  • Frost damage
  • Damage caused by a falling tree
  • Damage caused by fire
  • Damage caused by a landslide
  • Wall or floor damage caused by a leaking shower, toilet or dishwasher

All of the above instances may require specialist repair work and could be expensive to fix. And let’s face it, you don’t want to have to pay to fix these problems yourself, especially if you’re not responsible for them.

Underground services and debris removal

A lot could go wrong with the pipes, drains and cables underneath your caravan. When things do go wrong, it’s not only very frustrating but can be very costly.

Burst pipes and damage to underground drains are common issues. If you needed a specialist to inspect and then fix such issues, their service likely wouldn’t come cheap.

Neither would the removal of debris. In fact, this could be significantly more expensive. A fire, for instance, could cause a huge build-up of debris which could be costly and time-consuming to remove. This is where caravan insurance proves invaluable.

These examples also explain why certain holiday parks make insurance a pre-requisite of having your caravan on their site. These park owners don’t want a damaged caravan sat on their site – but with specialist insurance, you won’t have a damaged caravan for long.

Hotel and caravan hire

what does static caravan insurance cover

If your static caravan suffers serious damage and is unsuitable to live in, you may need to stay in a hotel or hire a caravan which is likely to come at a price.

Therefore, you need static caravan insurance to cover your expenses if you have to temporarily stay elsewhere for up to 14 days. Without it, you’ve got your own accommodation to pay for, on top of a repair bill.

Injury to another person

Caravan-related injuries happen more frequently than you might think. In the most unfortunate cases, they can have serious consequences.

For instance, someone might slip on the decking surrounding your static caravan and seriously hurt themselves.

Even seemingly innocuous injuries could prove expensive from your point of view, especially if they required extensive medical treatment and you didn’t have the right cover.

Without specialist caravan insurance – and more specifically, Public Liability cover – the legal costs you incur from such claims wouldn’t be covered. This alone is a compelling enough reason to get insured, considering how expensive lawyers can be.

Loss, theft or damage of sports equipment and personal possessions

If you’re a keen sportsperson and you keep sports equipment in your static caravan, there are clearly a few risks to this.

These items could be lost, stolen or damaged, which could leave you in hot water financially if you’ve not covered them.

Imagine, for example, if your set of golf clubs were stolen. Imagine if your surfboard was damaged beyond repair whilst you were transporting it to your vehicle.

Would you be willing to take the risk and end up paying big sums of money for repairs or replacements?

Rental cover and loss of rent

Of course, you might also rent out your caravan during the year.

But the above risks are still there. If, for example, the person renting your static caravan causes accidental damage or injures themselves while staying there and makes a claim, you need the right cover.

Not only this, if your caravan suffers serious damage, you may not be able to rent it out for a while. Again, this is where static caravan insurance is so important. It covers you for rental income and cancelled bookings, meaning you’re not cash strapped for long.

The loss or damage of food in your freezer

Food is one of the most basic necessities any static caravan owner needs. You might choose to store a lot of your food in the freezer – whether it be Tupperware boxes of batch cooked meals or a selection of your favourite pizzas.

Whatever you store in your freezer, imagine how frustrating it would be if it broke down and all the food you kept inside it went to waste. All it would take was a power cut or fuse to blow for this to happen and you’d have to head down to the supermarket again.

Your family will thank you for being covered…

Static caravan insurance from Ripe Caravans

As we know by now, a variety of accidents and incidents can happen when you own a static caravan. You can’t stop them from happening – but you can stop them from costing you large sums of money by having static caravan insurance.

Our static caravan insurance includes:

  • Theft and damage cover up to £175,000, plus up to £30,000 of contents cover. The latter also covers you for the theft of money from the caravan up to £250.
  • New-for-Old cover on static caravans aged up to 10 years
  • Hotel or caravan hire
  • Up to £5 million Public Liability to cover your legal fees if a claim is made against you for injury to another person or third-party property damage
  • The loss of rental income and cancelled bookings because of damage caused to your static caravan

If you need specialist caravan insurance, we’ve made it easy for you to get insured. Simply add the cover you need and build your quote in minutes.

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