Folding camper & folding caravan insurance

‘Staycations’ have boosted the popularity of caravan and camping holidays in the UK in recent years. For many people, the affordability and flexibility of trailer tents, folding campers and folding caravans is appealing. Inexpensive compared to traditional touring caravans and motorhomes, folding caravans, trailer tents and folding campers offer the freedom of camping, with the convenience of caravanning.

Why do I need folding camper and folding caravan insurance?

Although more rigid and more robust than traditional camping tents, folding campers and folding caravans are still exposed to the elements and are at risk from weather damage. Damage can also occur in transit, or whilst parked. You should also consider the risk of theft. Despite security measures, trailers by their nature are easily transportable and are often targeted by thieves.

What does folding camper and folding caravan insurance cover?

The insurance for your folding camper and folding caravan will usually cover accidental damage, theft and vandalism. Public Liability is also usually included, offering cover against claims from people who may have been injured or suffered damage to their property caused by your negligence. There is also the choice of adding extra cover to protect your contents from theft and accidental damage. You might also wish to include some additional cover for any awnings that you might use with your folding camper or folding caravan.

How much is folding camper and folding caravan insurance?

As with any insurance policy, the cost will depend on a number of factors. The location, type of security devices you have and the replacement cost and of the folding camper or folding caravan will be used to calculate the premium. The exact cover you need and the limits you choose will also determine how much you pay for your insurance.

Ripe Insurance for Folding camper and folding Caravans is coming soon!

You'll soon be able to get a quote here for your folding camper or folding caravan. Check back regularly for updates!


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