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Camera and Photography Insurance from just £5.09 a month*

Camera and Photography Insurance from just £5.09 a month*

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Why choose Ripe for photography insurance?

Accidental Damage cover

We’ll repair or replace your cracked lenses & broken kit, whether they're brand new or second hand.

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EU & Worldwide coverage

If you take pictures all over the world, our insurance will protect you in the UK and abroad.

About our cover

Perfect for DSLR cameras & accessories

From Nikons to Canons and everything in-between. Protect all your kit on one simple policy.

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Who we insure

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What does photography insurance cover?

Theft and Damage

Our Equipment cover includes theft and accidental damage to cameras, lenses, stands and tripods, cases, video and audio equipment and accessories.

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Portable & Studio Equipment

You can insure up to £60,000 of equipment. And up to £30,000 can be portable. Simply select how much of your equipment you take out of the home with you.

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EU & Worldwide coverage

You can quickly extend your cover to protect you either in the EU or Worldwide.

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Theft from a vehicle

You can add this to your policy for a small fee and any items stolen from a vehicle will be replaced new-for-old if not more than 3 years old.

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Mobile phone and tablet cover

If you use your mobile phone or tablet as part of your photography, you can insure them against theft and accidental damage.

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Public Liability

If you’re going to a shoot and the venue need proof of Public Liability you can get a certificate of cover from just £41.21 a year.

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*Price based on £1,500 worth of equipment in and out of the home for an amateur/semi-professional photographer with £0 excess and 20% introductory discount applied. Monthly payments subject to APR. 

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