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Creating your park home insurance has never been easier

We think that your insurance should be built around you, giving you the choice of extra cover where you need it and keeping the cost down too. We make it really easy to build your own park home insurance policy, adding only the cover you need. Take a look at the different cover options available below.

Park home cover included as standard

Buildings cover up to £500k

Cover your park home including fixtures and fittings up to the value of £500,000

Contents cover up to £75,000

Choose to cover the contents of your park home up to £75,000

Theft, Fire and Flood Damage

Cover against damage caused by theft, fire or floods up to £500,000.

£5m Public Liability

£5m Public Liability cover is included as standard, protecting you against the risk of any claims for injury to another person or property damage.


Provides cover of up to £250 for theft of money from inside your home

Theft and loss of keys

Covers the cost of replacing locks on your home if the keys are lost

Frozen food

Covers the loss of food that needs to be replaced should your freezer stop working

Vermin cover

The policy covers damage to your home caused by common pests including rats and mice

Additional cover

Tailor your policy with any of these options

Valuable items cover

Cover for valuable items such as jewellery, antiques, portable electronic equipment and works of art worth £1,500 or more

Accidental damage

Provides cover for the accidental damage of the building (e.g. windows, walls, etc.) and its contents (e.g. carpets, electrical items and upholstery)

Mobility scooter cover

Provides cover for theft, loss and damage to your class 2 or class 3 mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs while in and away from the home

 Protected no claims bonus

Protect your no claims bonus in the event you make a claim. This option is only available if you’ve built up at least three years of no claims bonus with any provider


Insurance for hot tubs

Provides cover for damage to hot tubs when left outside of the park home, including damage or loss caused by storms or theft. Inflatable or wood fired hot tubs are not covered.

Legal expenses cover

Provides cover up to £25,000 for the costs of pursuing or defending a range of legal actions including consumer, injury or property disputes

Home emergency cover

Provides help to resolve situations where your park home becomes unsafe or insecure or if there is risk of further damage to the home

Personal Possessions including cycles

Choose to add cover for personal possessions such as sports equipment

Specified items away from home

Choose to specify individual items you want to cover away from your park home

Increase excess

Choose to voluntarily increase your excess up to £500 to reduce the cost of your policy

Any questions?

If there’s something specific you need to know, our FAQs or Important Documents pages should help.

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